Langlaufcenter.ch: All the expertise you need under one roof

At Langlaufcenter.ch you will find everything that raises the pulse of cross-country enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals.

Langlaufcenter.ch has very attractive facilities in which it presents a wide and varied range of items. It also offers you professional advice on complete sets of equipment or parts thereof, on adjusting your skis, and on renting or purchasing equipment.

You will be amazed how having the right equipment will boost your performance and enjoyment on the trail and provide more pleasure, endurance and comfort, not to mention the benefits for your lifestyle and health.


Offer for SWICA customers

15% discount on all items at Langlaufcenter.ch plus the customised 3D inserts from Orthofeel.

This discount offer is for SWICA customers only.

And this is how it works:
Please complete the form below using the information shown on your insurance card. The requested discount code and / or link will then be sent to you by email. This can take up to 10 minutes. The offer is available only to SWICA customers and valid for as long as it appears on SWICA's website.


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