100% natural, fresh juices

HEYLIFE stands for nature, health and enjoyment. These drinks, which are made entirely from fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, roots and almonds, will boost your natural vitality directly. All products are 100% natural and plant-based.

Fresh juice delivered directly to your doorstep

HEYLIFE is committed to developing healthy foods that are simple and delicious. Especially those of us who have hectic daily routines must ensure that the body gets the natural foods it needs.

  • In Zurich, HEYLIFE produces 100% nutrient-rich, fresh juices which are 100% natural and plant-based.
  • All products are free from refined sugar, flavourings, preservatives and additives and are never produced from concentrates.
  • HEYLIFE is passionate about the motto of “a healthy body is the basis for a happy mind.”

The juice cleanses of HEYLIFE

Use #RAW Juice Cleanses to shed your unhealthy habits. This will bring relief to your digestion and not only supply your body with rich doses of important nutrients but also help you simply to develop a taste for a healthy diet. #RAW Juices are squeezed for you in Switzerland and are never heat treated. They couldn't be fresher!

In addition to the juice cleanses, HEYLIFE also offers #RAW Shots, Almond Drinks and refreshing Coconut Water to pamper you with nutrient kicks. HEYLIFE delivers directly to your doorstep on the date you choose! 


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