Seasonings without salt, sugar or MSG

The twelve unique herb and spice mixtures from «herzlich salzfrei» are good for you and give you 100% natural flavour.

Healthier living with «herzlich salzfrei»
«herzlich salzfrei» offers a pioneering range of twelve unique, additive-free herb and spice mixtures. Each consists of the perfect mix of pure, high-quality individual herbs and spices.

  • 100% natural
  • no salt, sugar or MSG
  • twelve different mixes
  • full herb and spice flavour

The mixes owe their distinctive aroma to top-quality, absolutely natural herbs and spices. The «herzlich salzfrei» range has everything you need for a healthy, varied diet, from curry, pasta and Asian mixes to seasonings for chicken, meat, fish, vegetables and salads.


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Herzlich Salzfrei