150 francs

With HelloFresh you have everything you need to cook tasty dishes at home, without the stress of shopping and planning meals. This is because HelloFresh delivers fresh ingredients and balanced recipes directly to your door. There's something for everyone – select your favourite and try any of the 25 new recipes every week.

So stress-free: No more standing in line at the supermarket. HelloFresh saves you the stress of having to shop, plan meals and weigh items. This is because HelloFresh delivers everything you need directly to your door.

So fresh: HelloFresh sends you not only ingredients (measured to the gram) from selected producers but also has short supply chains and a certified high-quality service.

So varied:
Try the new recipes developed weekly by HelloFresh's own chefs, who make sure that everyone can prepare and, above all, enjoy their tasty creations.

So flexible: HelloFresh is as flexible as your daily life: Perhaps you need to adjust your preferred dish or change the number of dishes or delivery day? No problem. You can also pause or cancel your delivery at any time.

So sustainable: Only a minimum of resources get used between the field and the fork: With HelloFresh you have ⅓ less food waste at home, recyclable packaging and climate-neutral delivery.


Offer for SWICA customers

150 francs off on your first four recipe boxes.

*This voucher code gives you up to 150 francs off on your first four HelloFresh recipe boxes (incl. free delivery of the first box). The actual value appears when you enter the voucher code while placing the order and depends on the number of meals and people (minimum of 110 francs for two people and three meals, maximum of 150 francs for four people and three meals). The discount cannot be used in combination with other vouchers. Only one voucher per new customer and per household. The service is flexible and can easily be paused or cancelled. There is no cash alternative. HelloFresh's terms and conditions apply.

This discount offer is for SWICA customers only.

And this is how it works:
Please complete the form below using the information shown on your insurance card. The requested discount code and / or link will then be sent to you by email. This can take up to 10 minutes. The offer is available only to SWICA customers and valid for as long as it appears on SWICA's website.


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