Zizzz Sarl - For natural sleep

Zizzz offers a whole range of healthy sleep products for babies and adults. They’re all made in Switzerland and Europe using natural, environmentally-friendly materials.

100% natural
From blankets to footmuffs and pyjamas, the entire range of Zizzz products is made of natural materials such as cotton and sheep’s wool. And they’re all designed to help adults and babies sleep better. Swisswool®, the fine, organic sheep’s wool used to make Zizzz sleeping bags and blankets, is soft to the skin and enables the body to regulate its temperature.

Regulates body temperature
As natural, sustainable, washable wool from the Swiss Alps, Swisswool has ideal sleep-enhancing properties. While synthetic materials insulate and don’t let the warmth through, the fibres of Swisswool wick away moisture and help the body regulate its temperature. These wicking properties mean that unlike other materials Swisswool doesn’t attract dirt or mites. Swisswool keeps the body warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s warm. So Zizzz duvets and sleeping bags are suitable for year-round use.

Zizzz-brand products offer outstanding quality, functionality and precision. Zizzz promotes sustainable production in Switzerland and Europe.



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