The Noson® nasal dilator for optimal nasal breathing for sports and sleep

Everything is getting smarter nowadays. Why not your nasal breathing as well? The Noson® Premium nasal dilator gently spreads the nostrils from inside the nose, and according to the Swiss company that produces it, improves your ability to breathe through your nose. SWICA customers benefit from a 35% discount with the active4life offer.

There are two types of breathing: mouth breathing and nasal breathing. Breathing through the nose is healthier because the air is filtered, moistened and warmed up by the hairs and mucous in the nose.

That's what Dr Kurt Tschopp, Chief Physician for ENT at the Cantonal Hospital Baselland, explains on noson.ch: "Noson® opens up my nostrils and stabilises them. I get at least 50% more air. Breathing through the mouth is hardly necessary any more. I no longer bike without Noson® and I always go back when I forget it. I can only recommend Noson® to all endurance athletes who have a narrow nose. With Noson® you will achieve an enormous improvement in nasal breathing."

The intranasal silicone pads spread the nostrils without touching the sensitive nasal septum. That means that there is no increased secretion flow as with other nasal dilators. This compact lifestyle product can be taken anywhere and used within seconds. According to the manufacturer, the nasal dilators reduce resistance in the nasal passages by an average of 27% and provide reliable relief for your airways.

The areas of application are:

  • During sports activities
  • At night while sleeping
  • For hay fever or a blocked nose
  • Nose congestion during pregnancy
  • On flights or while travelling
  • Promoting concentration


Features of Noson®

  • Better grip thanks to the "cap" on the bridge of the nose.
  • Even pressure distribution on the entire bridge of the nose.
  • Long-lasting effect due to the longer nose pads.
  • Ideal for sleeping, working or exercising

Offer for SWICA customers

35% off Noson® nasal dilators in the online shop of www.noson.ch

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