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Aranea Schaffhausen

Aranea+ is one of the biggest climbing centres serving Switzerland and Southern Germany. It has many easy routes which are ideal for beginners, families and schools. However, there is also a selection of overhanging climbs which will provide an interesting challenge for even the most experienced climbers.

Thanks to the many anchor points it is also possible for beginners to climb many of the routes. Visitors without climbing experience must take an appropriate course.

One special feature of Aranea+ is the new Climbing Challenge zone with its many special routes. You can use "gecko gloves" to climb walls like Spider-Man or climb face-to-face with a friend on the transparent wall. The routes in the Climbing Challenge zone are equipped with sensors which interact with a badge on the climber's wrist and record the routes climbed. You can collect points as you climb and see your score displayed on a screen in the hall.

Exercise, action and fun – The walls in the new Climbing Challenge zone can be scaled in lots of different and exciting ways.


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Aranea+ Climbing & Badminton
Ebnatstrasse 65
8200 Schaffhausen
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