There are rules also for e-scooters

There are rules also for e-scooters

E-scooters have now arrived in Swiss cities as well, and you will find trendy versions of them in all public spaces, ready for you to use. But where are you allowed to ride and what do you need to consider? This health tip explains what you need to keep in mind.
Sharing offers in the form of bike, scooter and Segway rentals are booming worldwide – including in Swiss cities. And now, e-scooters have arrived in Switzerland as well. The fact that you can now find them at virtually every corner here is just one indication of their popularity. But to prevent injuries to yourself and others, you need to observe a number of rules.

Rules of conduct

In principle, the rules that apply to cyclists also apply to anyone using an e-scooter. This means you must ride them in the bike lane (if it exists), and you're not allowed to use sidewalks or footpaths. You can be fined if you ignore this rule. The Touring Club Switzerland and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (in German) also recommend that you use protective gear, although helmets are not yet required by law.

How does the sharing system work?

E-scooters are generally distributed throughout the public spaces of cities, and anyone can use one (for exceptions, see the section “Who is allowed to use an e-scooter?"). To be able to use an e-scooter, all you need is the app of the provider and a credit card. Once you've installed the app and your credit card has been approved, you can start looking for the nearest e-scooter, and when you've found one, little can get in the way of trying it out and having some fun. The app explains how to unlock it before you set off.

When you’re done using it, you need to park it in a safe and easily accessible place – not in the middle of the street or sidewalk. This ensures that the next person can use it without having to worry about any safety issues. The fee for renting it will be charged to your credit card directly, via the app.

Who is allowed to use an e-scooter?

Anyone over the age of 16 can use an e-scooter without a permit. On the other hand, adolescents between the ages of 14 and 16 must have an M permit (for mopeds).

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