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Medical and health-promoting services

SWICA works with experienced network partners to offers its customers throughout Switzerland a wide range of medical services relating to prevention management. Our employees are thoroughly trained in the medical field and able to provide customers with professional advice and solutions that are closely tailored to the company's needs.

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Health check

By doing a health check, employees learn about their current health profile to raise awareness and encourage them to identify risk factors and choose a healthy lifestyle – at work and elsewhere. Based on the test results, employees receive information and recommendations during a personal consultation on how to enhance or maintain their health. The focus and scope of the health check-up may vary, depending on the company's needs. The subsequent optional health report highlights the health risks for the company so that it can develop further OHM measures.

Aims and contents
  • know their personal health data and thus are more aware of the factors influencing their health.
  • are aware of their stress levels and ability to cope, and they know what measures they therefore need to take.

The company
  • recognises health risks at an early stage.
  • can define appropriate OHM measures.

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HRV measurement

Measuring heart rate variability is a way to precisely and objectively record the relationship between stress, recuperation and sleep quality. In a one-to-one consultation, employees learn which situations are triggers for stress and which ones affect their ability to recover properly, and they receive tips on how to achieve a healthy relationship between stress and recuperation. During the subscription period, they can independently perform other measurements and track the effect of their measures using the mobile app.
Aims and contents
  • Providing employees with objective information about their current stress levels
  • Identifying personal stressors and factors that are hampering their ability to recuperate
  • Pinpointing measures for reducing stress and providing more resources

→ More information as download (PDF)
→ Business blog article (in German and French)

Fitness check

Physical fitness plays an important role in health and personal wellbeing. The fitness check is the ideal way of testing the fitness of your employees. A 3D body scan is used to produce a detailed analysis of each person's body. This analysis is combined with a standardised mobility and fitness test to determine physical performance. The evaluation and consultation take place immediately afterwards with a specialist.

  • 3D body scan (detailed body analysis)
  • Mobility and fitness test
  • One-to-one consultation

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Back check-up

Musculoskeletal disorders are among the most common causes of employee absences. Understanding the causes of back pain is often the key to alleviating it or prevent it altogether. Our experts will carry out back check-ups with the "SpinalMouse," a Swiss invention. As computer-aided device, it analyses the shape of the spine and the flexibility of each section of your employees' spine. In a subsequent personal consultation each employee receives suggestions for improving his or her spinal health over the long term.

  • Analysis of spinal health
  • Evaluation
  • Advice

→ More information as download (PDF)
→ Business blog article "Medizinischer Check für einen gesunden Rücken" (in German)

SECO night shift review

This check-up aims to reduce, and ideally prevent, any negative health effects for those who work night shifts. Under Switzerland's Employment Act, employees working 25 or more nights per year are entitled to a medical check-up and consultation. Workers can request this service every two years, or every year if they are age 45 or above. SWICA carries out the SECO night shift check-up at companies' premises and also has a broad national network of medical practices that carry out the check-ups for individual employees. This ensures that each employee receives a medical check-up and advice on important health issues relating to shift work.

For more information, please visit the SECO website

  • Medical evaluation of the current situation (e.g. by using a medical questionnaire and measuring various vital parameters)
  • Physical exam by a doctor
  • One-to-one consultation

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Flu vaccination

The annual flu shot protects not only individuals themselves against infection and illness but also others whom they are in contact with at home or at work. In addition, it reduces the risk of other complications. The vaccine is administered annually from the middle of October until the middle or end of November.

Aims and contents
  • Reduce the number of absences during the flu season and the associated costs
  • Lower the risk of prolonged absences significantly from complications due to the flu

→ Download more information (PDF)
→ Business blog article "Flu vaccination: protect yourself and others" (in German)
→ Business blog article "Show responsibility with company vaccination campaign" (in German)

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Dermatology: offerings

The skin is the largest organ in our body. Regular check-ups are important to detect sun-related skin changes or work-related skin conditions at an early stage and prevent malignant complications.

Since a visual diagnosis and a few additional details are usually enough to diagnose skin conditions, SWICA works with OnlineDoctor, the leading teledermatology platform. At OnlineDoctor, skin condition specialists assess skin changes within 48 hours. Employees upload pictures and some information on the platform. They then receive a report. In more than 80% of cases, the telemedical consultation is sufficient and employees save themselves a trip to a dermatologist or specialist. If it's necessary for an employee to go to a practice in person, OnlineDoctor will give a suitable recommendation.

For companies that prefer physical examinations, a dermatology check-up is possible. Dermatologists then examine employees on the company's premises.

  • Teledermatology examination from anywhere
  • Any type of skin change
  • If required, recommendation for a visit to a practice in person

On-site dermatology check-up
  • General tips on how to protect the skin and individual advice from medical staff
  • Full-body exam by a dermatologist, followed by recommendations (focus: sun-related skin changes)

Dermatology presentation

The dermatology offerings can be complemented by a presentation on skin protection (on site or as a webinar).

→ More information on Dermatology check-up as download (PDF))

Health day

A health day is an ideal kick-off event when introducing occupational health management at the company or as an event by itself for employees. The offer can be arranged and tailored to the individual needs of customers, for example as an event with health check-ups, biofeedback measurements (relaxation), lectures (e.g. on mental health, nutrition and exercise) and workshops (e.g. relaxation exercises, ergonomics, movement exercises).

  • become more aware of health issues in general
  • learn more about health from a range of perspectives
  • evaluate their health objectively and identify their risks
  • receive individual advice and share ideas with specialists

→ Download more information (PDF)
→ Business blog article "OHM: Health day of the Canton of Aargau sets impulses (in German)"

Personal Health Coaching

A healthy lifestyle can prevent more than half of all non-infectious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, or at least mitigate their progression. The Personal Health Coaching module is aimed at employees who are at risk of contracting health problems or already suffer from an illness. They receive personalised, science-based coaching to help them adopt an optimally healthy lifestyle. Studies conducted at the University of Basel have shown that a high level of acceptance and strong persistence among participants produces a positive result.

Aims and contents
  • Measure Personal health coaching
  • An app as support
  • Promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduce health risks


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Vision and hearing test

Impaired hearing or vision can endanger the safety and performance of employees. Testing a person’s eyesight and capacity to perceive spatial and colour differences helps to detect disorders at an early stage. The same applies to hearing tests: Regular tests can counteract noise-induced hearing loss, one of the most common occupational illnesses.

Vision test:
  • Measure the eye function with the latest instruments, which takes only minutes
  • Medical assessment and recommendation for treatment

Hearing test:
  • Measure and evaluate the hearing function using an audiometer and otoscope
  • Invitation to undergo more detailed exam if there are indications of an impairment

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Migraine at the workplace

Migraine is the third most common illness worldwide, affecting one in seven people. SWICA offers those suffering from headaches its adapted version of an individual coaching programme originally developed by the Swiss Headache Society and Novartis. Migraine sufferers learn about the factors triggering attacks and their effects. This helps them to adjust their behaviour and improves their quality of life in the long term.

  • Individual coaching
  • Pain diary
  • Advice on medication
  • Lifestyle advice and relaxation exercises

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First-aid training to become a company paramedic

Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore it's important that someone at work knows how to do the right thing and can help in such situations. In this course, employees will learn the theories and methods for becoming effective first-aiders who know what to do in an emergency. On completion of the course, participants receive a certificate from the Swiss Resuscitation Council (SRC).

  • Recognise, evaluate and respond to an emergency situation
  • Understand the rescue chain and its importance
  • Know how to care for and position an unconscious person
  • Learn to use adult simulation models, including cardiac massage and use of a defibrillator
  • Apply the steps of the “BLS-AED-SRC algorithm”
  • Understand the basic ethical principles and legal aspects

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Online services for mental health

Job balance is aimed at companies that would like to improve their employees' mental health. Participating employees can choose between a guided online self-help training course or telepsychological consultations. These measures can have a positive impact on employees' productivity and satisfaction.

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