Support in the event of illness or accident

Accident insurance

Employee accidents can result in significant costs. SWICA's insurance solutions (UVG / UVG supplement) provide your employees with comprehensive and reliable cover in the event of accidents or occupational illnesses.

Accident: The best possible cover whenever you need it

As an employer, you are required by the Federal Accident Insurance Act (UVG) to insure your employees against accidents and occupational illnesses. The UVG insurer covers the statutory costs for treatment in the general ward of a hospital plus any follow-up and spa treatments. The same applies to the assumption of the cost of loss of earnings for employees who are unable to work due to an accident or occupational illness. Starting on the third day after the accident, the UVG insurer pays 80% of the salary up to a maximum of CHF 148,200.
It can be very expensive if an employee has an accident. The cost of hospital treatment, repatriation, therapy, loss of earnings, pension contributions and reintegration measures can quickly add up. The benefits paid out by compulsory accident insurance under the Accident Insurance Act (UVG) are limited. Supplementary accident insurance (UVG-Z) therefore offers additional benefits.

Overview of UVG and UVG-Z

Medical expenses insurance
  • Hospital stay in general ward
  • Medication
  • Follow-up and spa treatment
  • Treatment in the semi-private or private hospital ward
Daily benefits
  • 80% in daily benefits as of the third day
  • Pension: 80% of the UVG salary
  • Helplessness compensation
  • Surviving dependants’ pensions in case of death
  • Acts of daring included
  • Increase of daily benefits to 90% or 100% of the salary
  • Extended daily benefits to cover waiting days
  • Cover for salaries above the UVG maximum
Lump-sum benefits
  • Impairment compensation (lump-sum)
  • Additional disability or death lump sums

Advantages of accident insurance from SWICA

Securing the employer’s obligation to continue paying salaries and thus protecting employees and employers financially
Modular add-on options for statutory accident insurance cover (UVG)
Individually selectable waiting periods for daily accident benefits insurance
Advice, support and coordination by occupational health management specialists (performance management, customer visitors, care manager, prevention)

The convenient solution for small businesses

There is now a fast, convenient and cost-effective online insurance solution available for freelancers and small companies with up to five employees. Whether it's daily allowance insurance, accident insurance, supplementary accident insurance or your private health insurance, you get it all in a single package. You can choose the right product for you online now, or quickly and conveniently customise one to your needs. And the premium calculator helps you keep a constant eye on your financial advantages.

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