Illness and accident insurance plans for companies

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With SWICA you benefit from comprehensive insurance cover, bespoke occupational health management, and other exclusive advantages.

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Every employee absence costs resources and money. SWICA offers comprehensive insurance solutions for your company to help mitigate the financial consequences of illness and accident.

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Thanks to our approximately 50 locations across Switzerland, SWICA customers benefit from professional local advice.

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If an employee is absent because of illness or accident, SWICA's benefits management team will handle the case.

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Thanks to the group medical expenses insurance contract with SWICA, your employees and their families also enjoy attractive premium discounts on private supplementary health insurance as well as many additional fringe benefits.

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SWICA's occupational health management (OHM) programme aims to minimise absenteeism and presenteeism, strengthen the potential for greater health, and improve the general wellbeing of employees. The preventive healthcare measures ideally complement the group healthcare insurance and accident insurance.

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SWICA Care Management (Case Management), which is free of charge, supports employees who have fallen ill or suffered an accident by ensuring that the best possible treatment is provided, a rapid return to work is facilitated and disability is avoided.

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SWICA offers attractive insurance solutions to ensure rapid preferential access to top medical care and works with a broad specialist network (selected doctors, therapists and specialists) to provide the best possible convalescence outcomes for its customers.

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The santé24 health advice helpline will provide you and your employees with advice from experienced doctors and medical experts – seven days a week, 24 hours a day, free of charge and in four languages.

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Would you like more information or a personal consultation? SWICA would be happy to talk to you with the aim of finding the right solution for you. Call us on 0800 80 90 80 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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What our customers have to say

Ursina Gabathuler
«I’ve been insured with SWICA for as long as I can remember. Fortunately I’ve always enjoyed good health, and I intend to ensure that it stays that way. Thanks to the Completa Praeventa contribution towards my gym membership and my annual membership at the pool, I am more motivated to do something to stay in good physical health.»
Marcel Müller
«SWICA is a reliable partner to our company. SWICA is right for us as a company thanks to its professionalism and highly developed personnel management system. They are great people to work with and extremely professional when it comes to training. It’s a wonderful feeling to work with such a great partner.»
Erich Braun
«Employed, then self-employed, then employed again: each time I got such sound advice from SWICA that I don’t have the wrong insurance or gaps in my cover. That’s what I like about SWICA.»
Theres Steinlin
«I was ill last year. SWICA helped me by offering an excellent range of services (phone-based advice, work reintegration options etc.) and providing them in a straightforward way (cover note for necessary measures, co-payments for alternative methods, etc.).»
Ali Tuygu
«It was at Christmas. We were abroad and had forgotten to take our little daughter’s medication with us. Thanks to sante24 we were able to pick up the medication at the nearest pharmacy. You can always rely on SWICA and sante24!»
Corinne Dittrich
«I’m currently at a rehab centre getting some really excellent treatment. I’m also aware that all this costs a lot of money. SWICA has made this possible for me, and I’m therefore convinced that they take me seriously and know that this is what I need. And, yes, my rehabilitation has been a great success!!! I never thought that this would be possible, but SWICA has provided me with the best option. I’ve regained confidence in my health and am fully committed to maintaining it with all I've got, and I hope to even improve it with some luck and willpower.

And during my illness I was able to support my son while he had his first operation. This, too, was not a problem, which made all of us very happy.»
Alessandro Ferraro
«Very friendly, honest and professional advice.»
Caroline Schlund-Mayor
«I had three cancer diagnoses. Thanks to SWICA’s generosity, I was able to have all the necessary operations and treatments very quickly. That’s 11 years ago now, and today I’m in excellent health.
Many thanks to SWICA and best wishes»