Daily sickness benefit insurance for employees

Daily sickness benefits insurance

Daily sickness benefits insurance from SWICA ensures that employers can meet their ongoing obligation to pay salaries, delivering financial security for both employees and employers.

Illness: loss of earnings due to illness covered

Taking out daily sickness benefits insurance for your employees is voluntary. As an employer, however, you are legally obliged to continue paying the salaries of employees who are ill or have had an accident for a certain period of time.
You can transfer this risk to SWICA on pre-defined terms. In this way, you can protect the earnings of employees who are unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness.This makes it possible for your company to budget for the risk of ongoing salary payments.

Coronavirus: who pays the loss of earnings?

The spread of COVID-19 is raising multiple issues, also for organisations. For example, when is there an entitlement to claim daily benefits for loss of earnings? SWICA has compiled a list of answers for you and is available to answer any further questions you may have.

FAQ and further information for companies Services and offers for your health

Further up-to-date information on the coronavirus is available here:

Information website of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)

Your advantages at a glance.

Securing the employer’s obligation to continue paying salaries and thus protecting employees and employers financially
Cover for the cost of replacement workers
Advice, support and coordination by occupational health management specialists (performance management, specialists clarifications, care manager, prevention)
Freely selectable scope of cover
Individually selectable waiting periods and extended cover
Solutions which comply with L-GAV and employment contracts
Predictable personnel costs
Easy access to individual daily benefits insurance by withdrawing employees who are Swiss residents (right of transfer)

Small business with up to five employees?

BUSINESS COMPACT provides comprehensive cover.

More information about BUSINESS COMPACT

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What our customers have to say.

Daniel Gfeller
«Insurance consultants have a reputation for acting in their own interest and talking their customers into buying certain products. With my SWICA advisor, however, I managed to have an open, transparent and friendly conversation that helped me feel confident – the basis for a long-term partnership.»
Raffaele Genna
«I really value the great assistance and support. After a skiing accident in Austria I didn't know what kind of accident insurance cover I had. A call to SWICA later on in the evening provided the information I needed and meant that I was extremely well looked after.»
Charilaos Tsarouchas
«The customer support is just great. Always very professional and on the same time very friendly. Any medical consultations I get over phone give me the impression that the people, nurses and doctors involved know well their topic and provide support with a nice human touch. Moreover any time I have some administrative question or request the reply or resolution is prompt, which is rare. SWICA, thanks again for the great customer support, keep on!»

Die zufriedensten Kunden sind bei SWICA. Die hohe Zufriedenheit hat Tradition: Ob Comparis, K-Tipp oder AmPuls – in den unabhängigen Krankenkassenvergleichen belegt SWICA seit 10 Jahren Spitzenpositionen.

Les clients les plus satisfaits sont chez SWICA. Une satisfaction élevée qui ne se dément pas: depuis dix ans, SWICA occupe les meilleures places des comparatifs indépendants de caisses-maladie Comparis, Bon à Savoir et amPuls.

I clienti più soddisfatti sono assicurati presso SWICA. Che si tratti dei sondaggi di Comparis, K-Tipp o amPuls, il risultato non cambia: SWICA ottiene da 10 anni valutazioni eccellenti nei confronti indipendenti tra le casse malati.

The happiest customers are SWICA customers. High levels of satisfaction have become a tradition: Whether Comparis, K-Tipp or amPuls, SWICA has come in first in independent health insurance surveys for 10 years.