Training for maintaining a good work-life balance

Job Balance: online services for mental health

Job balance is aimed at companies that would like to improve their employees' mental health. Participating employees can choose between a guided online self-help training course or telepsychological consultations. These measures can have a positive impact on employees' productivity and satisfaction.

Services that have a long-term impact

If employees miss work due to high pressure at the workplace, this can be expensive for the company. According to the calculations of SWICA Prevention Management, which are based on the figures of the Federal Statistical Office (BfS), an employee's absence costs a company an average of 1 100 francs per day. To help employees deal better with the stress in their daily lives, santé24 offers them rapid psychological support in the form of the Job Balance programme.

The objective of the online self-help training course and telepsychological consultations is to improve the mental health of employees and have a positive impact on their productivity and satisfaction. An initial discussion with the employee determines which of the two options would be more suitable.

  • Fast, professional support from an expert psychologist
  • Can be utilised alongside working
  • Employees remain in their work environment if possible

Regain your mental balance with online self-help training

Have your employees lost their mental balance because of stress or burn-out, and would you like to help them regain their usual productivity? With online self-help training, employees are guided by a personal coach. This method has been proven to achieve the best results for the typical symptoms of stress and burn-out.

Online self-help training is suitable for employees who:

  • feel stressed, exhausted and overburdened in their daily life.
  • are increasingly less able to focus, and whose productivity is decreasing.
  • are feeling very distant or disinterested with regard to work.
  • are often depressed and increasingly withdrawn.
  • are worried about professional or personal matters, which decreases their quality of life.
  • have problems sleeping and also feel very tired during the day.

Online self-help training includes six to eight sessions or telepsychological advice in the form of five consultations with an expert psychologist.

  • Online mental health check using a recognised test procedure.
  • Online self-help training that is recognised and has been tested for its efficacy (the online self-help training sessions are certified as a preventive product).
  • Individual and personal telepsychological advice and guidance from a personal coach who also assists employees with their participation in online self-help training.
  • Varied transfer of knowledge based on daily life, with many practical exercises.
  • Participation independent of time and place.

The online self-help training course is structured as follows:

  • In an initial phone call, the employee receives extensive information about online self-help training.
  • The employee then completes a self-test on mental wellbeing.
  • In a follow-up phone call, the results of the self-test are discussed with the employee (only the employee receives the results) and these findings are then incorporated into the online self-help training.
  • The employee reads the materials for the online self-help training independently, and receives extensive and individual feedback from the personal coach after each section. If they want, the employee can make contact with the personal coach via a chat, and additional phone calls can be arranged if necessary.
  • Once the online self-help training course has been completed, the personal coach has a final discussion with the employee.
The cost is CHF 250 for the assessment and initial discussion over the phone. The subsequent online self-help training, including the final discussion, costs an additional CHF 500. The total cost of the programme is therefore CHF 750 (all amounts excluding VAT).

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Improve mental health with telepsychological consultations

Do you have employees with mental health issues? As an employer, would you like to help boost their mental health? Those employees may benefit from telepsychological consultations. Five voluntary and confidential telephone consultations are used to identify problem areas and come up with solutions.

Telepsychological consultations are suitable for employees who need to overcome challenging situations in their lives. These could include issues that:

  • relate to the workplace, such as poor performance, or conflicts with superiors or other team members.
  • are of a personal nature, such as a long-term illness.
  • take place within the family environment, such as separation or illness.

What all of these situations have in common is the impact they have on the mental health of employees. Employees may be plagued by worries and anxieties, have the feeling that they are unable to cope, experience less happiness or even feel sad or depressed more often. In these cases, it's usually helpful for them to speak with an external expert about their concerns and come up with solutions.

Telepsychological consultations include five conversations with an expert psychologist, and include:

  • determining the individual's state of mind together with a psychologist.
  • working together to assess what steps are required to overcome the challenging situation.
  • breaking down the next steps into manageable tasks, and supporting their implementation.
  • teaching strategies, and supporting the implementation of these strategies in everyday life.
  • sessions that can be completed anywhere since the conversations take place over the phone.
  • referrals to other services, if needed.

The telepsychological consultations are structured as follows:

  • First session: evaluating the issues and determining what needs to be done. Formulating goals for future sessions.
  • Second to fourth session: working on the agreed tasks and goals.
  • Fifth session: final meeting. Clarifying whether there's a need for additional support. If needed, assistance is provided with finding a suitable place for treatment.

All of the details of the employee's issues are treated as confidential. The employer generally receives information via email after the first and fifth sessions. The content of these emails is discussed ahead of time with the employee. In addition, between the second and fourth meetings, other coordinating or informative conversations can take place with the employer.
The cost of the five consultations is CHF 750. If needed, additional consultations can be arranged at a cost of CHF 150 per hour (all costs exclude VAT).

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Do you have any questions, or would you like to book telepsychological consultations? Please contact us using the form.

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