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Advice and analysis

SWICA's Prevention Management unit has experienced occupational health management experts in sports science, business administration, psychology, exercise, physiotherapy, nutrition, leadership and communication. They will advise companies of all sizes and sectors, regardless of their insurance plans. SWICA offers services throughout Switzerland in the areas of analysis, development, implementation and controlling.

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Holistic OHM advice

Companies achieve the best results with occupational health management when they apply an OHM concept that's tailored to their individual needs. Analysing daily sickness benefit claims will result in valuable information and show where the greatest potential for improvement lies. Such an analysis in turn makes it possible to set strategic OHM goals and define measures accordingly. SWICA's OHM specialists work with clients to develop individual OHM concepts that are tailored to these clients' needs and include analysing the situation, developing and implementing measures, as well as monitoring the outcomes.

Friendly Work Space

SWICA is one of the first companies in Switzerland to be awarded the Friendly Work Space quality label. In an overall comparison, SWICA Healthcare Organisation is in the top 10% of the certified companies. This award for its occupational health management programme shows that SWICA's experts are well qualified to support your company with a broad range of offers that have been tried and tested in practice. SWICA's specialists are accredited advisers of Health Promotion Switzerland.

Ergonomics advice

Everyday life at work often lacks compensatory exercises in general and involves repetitive activities which asymmetrically strain the body. However, it is possible to prevent common symptoms by applying suitable measures. Experienced ergonomics specialists will analyse the workplaces at the company and advise employees on how to develop healthier habits. The ergonomics advice is suitable for office and production sites, and we will put together customised programmes that reflect the needs of the company and industry.

Aims and contents
  • Assessment of workplace design; discussion of individual solutions
  • Ergonomic use of the workplace
  • Relationships between ergonomics and symptoms
  • Ergonomic movements and options to compensate overexertion
  • Optional: Health report and evaluation with company managers

→ More information as download (PDF)

Workplace health capacity assessment

A workplace health capacity assessment analysis helps employees with restricted capacity for work due to illness or accident. The focus is not only on the prerequisites and habits of employees but also on the conditions at the workplace with a view to jointly finding solutions. The analysis makes it possible to objectively compare the individual's physical capabilities with the requirements that must be met to perform a particular job. The aim is to enable the individual to continue to work as before while also reducing the costs from absences.

Aims and contents
  • Evaluate functional performance capacity
  • Recommend appropriate aids and workplace ergonomics
  • Inform the person in question and the employer about possible scenarios so that capacity for work can be maintained from a functional and ergonomic perspective
  • SWICA recommends care and performance management measures that involve working with doctors and therapists

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Working from home

In 2021, many employees were part of the home-working boom as they switched from working in an office to working from home – with little or no warning. But how should companies deal with this issue after the pandemic? Although working from home has a positive impact on productivity, satisfaction and life balance, it also harbours some risks – especially in terms of team development and employee isolation. SWICA provides advice on issues relating to working from home and offers a variety of webinars, workshops and presentations for boosting health awareness among employees working from home.

Thanks to its wide range of prevention management services, SWICA is able to meet the individual needs of its corporate clients in the area of home working. In addition to holistic consultation services (including analysis), there are individual measures relating to specific topics. These are delivered as presentations, workshops or webinars which are geared to the needs of managers and/or staff working from home.

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→ Overview of working from home (PDF)
→ Early detection (PDF)
→ Boundary management (PDF)
→ Creative processes (PDF)
→ Team development (PDF)
→ Commuting (PDF)

Would you like more information about our OHM offer? The prevention management team at SWICA will be glad to assist.

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Analysis instruments

Employee survey

SWICA offers its customers various employee surveys that focus on work aspects such as development opportunities, workplace equipment, health promotion, leadership, cooperation with other departments, and internal communication. Companies then receive an analysis of the results, including recommendations for taking action in occupational health management.


Various web-based employee surveys on the following topics

  • Work and health situation
  • Mental health and ability to recover
  • Exercise and nutrition habits
  • Mini stress survey

→ More information as download (PDF)
→ Business blog article "Umfrage als Basis für gesunde Mitarbeiter" (in German);

Job-stress analysis

The online «Job-stress analysis» survey by Health Promotion Switzerland gives companies a detailed overview of their stress situation. SWICA offers companies competent advice and support for this analysis tool so that they can learn more about their employees and subsequently apply targeted OHM measures. SWICA's specialists are accredited advisers of Health Promotion Switzerland.

Health circles

Health circles aim to promote the good health of all employees. It is a tried-and-tested tool for involving employees in the solution-finding process and strengthening personal responsibility and initiative. Employees from various levels, departments and locations within the company work together to devise health promotion measures. Once the measures have been implemented, the outcomes are evaluated and the situation is reassessed with a view to planning the next steps.

Aims and contents
  • Collect health-relevant factors (stressors and resources) and working conditions
  • Analyse, evaluate and prioritise
  • Develop relevant measures
  • Present the findings to decision makers

→ More information as download (PDF)

Health check

By doing a health check, employees learn about their current health profile to raise awareness and encourage them to identify risk factors and choose a healthy lifestyle – at work and elsewhere. Based on the test results, employees receive information and recommendations during a personal consultation on how to enhance or maintain their health. The focus and scope of the health check-up may vary, depending on the company's needs. The subsequent optional health report highlights the health risks for the company so that it can develop further OHM measures.

Aims and contents
  • know their personal health data and thus are more aware of the factors influencing their health.
  • are aware of their stress levels and ability to cope, and they know what measures they therefore need to take.

The company
  • recognises health risks at an early stage.
  • can define appropriate OHM measures.

→ More information as download (PDF)

HRV measurement

Measuring heart rate variability is a way to precisely and objectively record the relationship between stress, recuperation and sleep quality. In a one-to-one consultation, employees learn which situations are triggers for stress and which ones affect their ability to recover properly, and they receive tips on how to achieve a healthy relationship between stress and recuperation. During the subscription period, they can independently perform other measurements and track the effect of their measures using the mobile app.
Aims and contents
  • Providing employees with objective information about their current stress levels
  • Identifying personal stressors and factors that are hampering their ability to recuperate
  • Pinpointing measures for reducing stress and providing more resources

→ More information as download (PDF)
→ Business blog article (in German and French)

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