Support options
Free coaching for type 2 diabetes patients

SWICA is helping combat the effects of type 2 diabetes and offering a large number of support options for those who are affected by or at risk of the illness. The healthcare organisation is currently also supporting a study conducted by the University of Basel that includes free diabetes coaching.

Many studies have shown that you can counteract the progression of type 2 diabetes or even prevent the onset of the illness by practising a healthy lifestyle. But it's not always easy to change habits that have been ingrained for years. Diabetes patients can now receive help in the form of free coaching from the University of Basel. The university's Department for Sport, Exercise and Health has worked with SWICA's partner SalutaCoach to develop a diabetes coaching programme that can be completed via an app or over the phone. This helps patients integrate regular exercise and a balanced diet into their daily routines, according to their individual preferences. The coaching is provided by the University of Basel in German, and is scientifically monitored as part of a study. 

Implementing research and innovation in practice

The project is supported by Innosuisse. This Swiss agency for promoting innovation aims to establish a link between science-based innovations and their implementation in practice. "The objective of the study is to find out what impact low-threshold support has on the health of participants," explained Prof. Dr. Lukas Zahner, the study manager and CEO of SalutaCoach. "We're currently looking for participants in order to create the broadest data set possible," he added.

SWICA offers a risk test, advice and support

SWICA supports the study, and is also active in many other areas of diabetes prevention. Since it is crucial for those affected to find out as early as possible whether they're at risk of developing the illness, SWICA offers a simple and fast diabetes risk test on its website. If the test identifies a heightened risk, santé24 offers SWICA customers a comprehensive, personal telemedicine consultation on nutrition and exercise. Customers also benefit from generous contributions to products and services relating to fitness, exercise, nutrition and wellness.

SWICA is also working with health centres and doctors' networks throughout Switzerland on the development of a support plan for diabetics. According to a study carried out by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), SWICA and Medbase, this plan provides diabetes patients with demonstrably better treatment quality at lower treatment costs.

Additional information, including on how to sign up for diabetes coaching, is available on SWICA's pre-diabetes page or at


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