SWICA preventive healthcare posters  ‒ because health is everything

Mutual respect, the willingness to change and a healthy portion of self-care: these are just a few factors that make an inspiring work environment. These SWICA posters will help strengthen and anchor awareness of health and preventive healthcare within your company.

Why opt for preventive healthcare posters?

  • Thanks to their practical A3 format, the posters can be hung up anywhere ‒ in the office, in a meeting room, in the manufacturing area, near the printer or in the cafeteria;
  • They give a clear message;
  • Encourage behaviour that promotes good health and
  • Support a healthy corporate culture.

The posters for your company are free of charge.

How do you place an order?

  • From the 12 posters available, choose the ones that best meet your company's needs.
  • Use our online form to order the selected posters. Minimum order: 3 posters. It doesn't matter if it's three of the same or three different posters.
  • Once you have placed your order, SWICA will send the posters by B-Post.


Working together for health

Together we can contribute to a healthy work environment. Invest in occupational health management and motivate your employees to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Do you have questions about our comprehensive OHM services, or would you like a personal consultation? SWICA's OHM team would be delighted to help you. Ask to be contacted directly when you order posters or call free of charge on 0800 80 90 80.

Overview of all preventive healthcare posters

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Please order a minimum of three posters, regardless of whether it's three of the same or three different themes.
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Individual themes
1. Exercises in everyday life
2. Exercises for the over-30s
3. Nutrition
4. Wellbeing
5. Stress
6. Sleep
7. Laughing
8. Digital Mindfulness
9. Conflicts
10. Communication
11. Appreciation
12. Change
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