SWICA is launching its own podcast

SWICA Talks is a new podcast that gives internal and external guests a platform for debating current social, medical and political topics revolving around the Swiss healthcare system.

An emergency abroad: what now?

Summer, sun, sand and sea – and suddenly you have a medical emergency. What now? Marlen Krakowitzer, Deputy Head of Medical Assistance at the Medicall emergency call centre and Dr Nadine Nieuwkamp, Head of Flight Physicians at Rega, give us an insight into their typical work day in the fourth episode of our podcast series.

The mysteries of long Covid

What are the long-term effects of Covid-19? In the third podcast of the series, we talk to Silke Schmitt Oggier, Medical Director at santé24, and SWICA customer Maya Henzi about the illness and its consequences. We also consider whether our society is taking the problem seriously enough and providing the necessary support.

More episodes

Why is it so difficult to pursue a constructive, reform-oriented health policy? In the first episode, Chairman of the Board of Directors Carlo Conti and former National Councillor and health policy expert Ruth Humbel take a look at the past and present situation.
What do younger generations expect from the Swiss health system? Is digitalisation a magic bullet, or will we still primarily need people to take care of our health in the future? In the second episode, CEO Reto Dahinden and Co-President of the Young Swiss Green Liberals Party Maya Tharian discuss the future.

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