Nature creates connections
Getting up close and personal with nature with SWICA and WWF

The health of humans and the environment are closely linked. SWICA's partner, WWF, is putting this principle into practice as part of its "Nature creates connections" project. Volunteers offer farmers their hands-on support in order to work together to promote diversity in species and habitats.

With its "Nature creates connections" project, WWF is working throughout Switzerland to promote biodiversity as agricultural spaces are being used more and more intensively and the habitats of animals and plants are being severely impacted. Since the project was launched in 2020, more than 1 200 volunteers have taken part in 90 nature missions on farms and in forests. They have dug ponds, planted native hedges and standard fruit trees, built rock cairns and woodpiles, put up nesting boxes, and maintained species-rich fields and meadows. These measures are an ideal prerequisite for species-rich habitats as beneficial fauna move in and indirectly combat pests, which also reduces the need for pesticides. The volunteers not only get direct experience of daily life on a farm, but they also live and experience nature protection up close and personal.

Promoting mutual understanding

Here is one example of how a typical day could look: A group of children, young people and adults get to work with their hands, hoes and pitchforks to combat neophytes. These are non-native plants, and they make the grass unusable as feed for animals. After having lunch together, which gives them plenty of time to relax and chat, they then use sticks and stones to build a home for stoats, which naturally regulate the mouse population.

With these missions, WWF aims not only to promote diversity in Switzerland, but also to increase understanding of farming and the valuable work that farmers do. Anyone who wishes to break away from their everyday routine and spend the entire day outdoors being physically active may be exhausted at the end of the day but will also go to bed satisfied. With their commitment, the volunteer helpers do plenty of good not only for nature but also for themselves.

You can find out more about the "Nature creates connections" project and sign up for nature missions on the WWF website.

SWICA is committed to nature

Following the example of "Nature creates connections", SWICA is getting actively involved this year in projects relating to regenerative agriculture and moorlands. The activities take place throughout Switzerland, and aim to promote species diversity and to protect habitats in the cultural landscape.

Making valuable contributions together with BENEVITA

From 26 June 2023, users can help WWF protect native wild bees in the BENEVITA app. Here's how it works: You can donate the community coins you've collected together with the BENEVITA community. This will enable nature missions to build bee hotels, woodpiles and lizard castles for insects, bees, and animals that not only provide them with shelter but also offer them a new habitat. You can find out more about our projects here.

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