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The Compassana patient app is ready to go

After a test phase lasting several months, the free Compassana patient app is now available for use throughout Switzerland. It simplifies healthcare, improves patient safety and ensures comprehensive data protection. SWICA is one of the founding members of Compassana, and has been involved with the development of the app from the very start.

The Compassana patient app is available now, and provides patients with easy access to the healthcare system, medical services and tools. "Compassana is the foundation of an ecosystem that puts patients in the spotlight and links service providers, doctors and insurers," explained Andreas Koller, the head of SWICA's Product Management & Underwriting department who commissioned the project. Within the Compassana ecosystem, individuals can work together with their health specialists to plan a treatment path that's ideal for them.

Simplified access to healthcare

Compassana guides and supports individuals with chronic illnesses as well as healthy people who would like a better way to navigate their healthcare. How should I take my medication? Where am I in my treatment plan? How can I quickly find the right contact persons? The Compassana app helps patients to orientate themselves when it comes to their healthcare. Here are some of the functions it offers for this purpose:

  • Entering medications, automatically uploading lists and scanning eMediplan
  • Saving and categorising health documents
  • Sending messages to and receiving them from health specialists
  • Viewing your treatment plan in your personal timeline
  • Finding health contacts and marking favourites
  • Booking appointments and health services online


The Compassana patient app makes healthcare easier and patient safety more sustainable – and data protection more comprehensive. That's because all user health data on Compassana belongs solely to the users themselves, and only they decide who they would like to share it with. The Compassana app is subject to the strictest applicable legal provisions and standards with regard to information security and data protection.

A digitally supported future

"With the Compassana patient app, you have a comprehensive way to organise your personal health. From saving documents, for example vaccination records, laboratory reports, scans or doctor's prescriptions, through to online appointment booking," summarised Koller. The app is continually being developed, and in the next step, Compassana's focus will be on supporting cooperation between medical service providers in order to ensure data-based, continuous healthcare without any gaps in information. "The future is digitally supported. Many apps and processes are smartphone-based, and support patients throughout their journeys. This makes Compassana important for SWICA."

The Compassana patient app is now available to download for iOS and Android.

About Compassana

Bluespace Ventures AG, which was founded at the beginning of 2022 by Medbase, Hirslanden, Groupe Mutuel, Helsana and SWICA, has developed Compassana to serve as an open ecosystem with interested parties in the Swiss healthcare system. The LUKS Group joined as a shareholder in spring 2023. Compassana's aim is to provide a digital platform to link together all relevant actors in medical and medical-adjacent areas for improved, integrated collaboration. The result is that modern healthcare is combined with the benefits of digitalisation. This, in turn, enhances patient safety and treatment quality, while at the same time enabling greater potential for development in the healthcare system. You can find out more at

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