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Are you new in Switzerland? Every country has its own regulations. To help you get off to a good start, this page contains everything you need to know about Switzerland’s health insurance system.

The health insurance system in Switzerland

Switzerland's insurance system has three main elements: mandatory basic insurance, voluntary hospitalisation insurance, and other voluntary supplementary insurance options.Schweizer Krankenversicherungssystem


Swiss residents must have mandatory basic insurance with a Swiss health insurer. Health insurance protects you against the financial risks of illness, accident and maternity.

Supplementary insurance plans, which meet the needs of each individual, can be purchased to provide access to additional medical services (e.g. complementary medicine, contributions towards health promotion activities such as gym memberships, or higher contributions towards glasses and contact lenses).

Hospitalisation insurance can be taken out to provide greater freedom when choosing a hospital and for additional benefits during a hospital stay.

If you would like to register for health insurance in Switzerland, it’s best to ask for a quotation for mandatory basic insurance and any supplementary insurance plans which you require at the same time.

SWICA has branches in every region of Switzerland. Qualified customer advisors find the best possible insurance cover for each individual. It makes good sense to ask for professional, individual and personal advice.

You can contact our customer service desk on 0800 80 90 80 or +41 52 244 28 28 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Theresa Blüder
«I came to Switzerland from Germany in 2017 to join my boyfriend. I signed up with SWICA thanks to positive recommendations. I had the feeling right from the start that SWICA was the right insurer for me. I was offered exactly what I wanted and at a fair price!»
Claudia Esser
«I arrived in Switzerland at the start of 2016. The SWICA customer advisor took me through the entire system in great detail and with enormous patience and explained what I had to look out for as regards insurance and what was right for me. With SWICA I feel that I’m taken seriously, in safe hands and fully supported. Simply wonderful!»