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Are you new in Switzerland? Every country has its own regulations. To help you get off to a good start, this page contains everything you need to know about Switzerland’s health insurance system.

The health insurance system in Switzerland

Switzerland's insurance system has three main elements: mandatory basic insurance, voluntary hospitalisation insurance, and other voluntary supplementary insurance options.

Swiss residents must have mandatory basic insurance with a Swiss health insurer. Health insurance protects you against the financial risks of illness, accident and maternity.

Supplementary insurance plans, which meet the needs of each individual, can be purchased to provide access to additional medical services (e.g. complementary medicine, contributions towards health promotion activities such as gym memberships, or higher contributions towards glasses and contact lenses).

Hospitalisation insurance can be taken out to provide greater freedom when choosing a hospital and for additional benefits during a hospital stay.

If you would like to register for health insurance in Switzerland, it’s best to ask for a quotation for mandatory basic insurance and any supplementary insurance plans which you require at the same time.

SWICA has branches in every region of Switzerland. Qualified customer advisors find the best possible insurance cover for each individual. It makes good sense to ask for professional, individual and personal advice.

You can contact our customer service desk on 0800 80 90 83 or +41 52 244 28 28 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Your SWICA advantages

SWICA is proud to consistently be rated No. 1 for customer satisfaction and image in surveys carried out by Comparis, and AmPuls. These results motivate SWICA in our efforts to continue delivering the best customer service and quality.

SWICA's partnerships with many businesses and associations enable their employees and members to enjoy group discounts on supplementary insurance plans, annual sports contributions and other preferential offers.

As SWICA does not have multi-year contracts, customers can benefit from maximum freedom of choice and always get the right kind of cover.

The SWICA rate based on age at enrolment rewards your loyalty by factoring in the length of time that you have been insured with SWICA. This means that you can keep your outgoings to a minimum, even in old age, and still enjoy the best possible insurance cover.

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SWICA is the only health insurer that applies co-payments from basic insurance to those of its supplementary insurance, which means the annual co-payments will be much lower when compared to other health insurers.




SWICA supports over 100 offers and courses for health promotion and preventive healthcare. In the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation and wellbeing (e.g. fitness, sports associations, dance classes, nutritional advice, mindfulness training, swimming pools and saunas) SWICA rewards your healthy and preventive lifestyle by making attractive contributions of up to 1'300 francs (learn more) per year.

If you have questions about your insurance cover, SWICA Customer Service is there to help you 24 hours a day free of charge on 0800 80 90 83. The doctors and medical staff at santé24 provide phone-based advice on health-related issues on
+41 44 404 86 86.
As your health partner, SWICA is committed to ensuring that you receive quick, professional and, above all, personal support in difficult times. The services on offer include support from experienced care managers and reliable childcare or domestic help in the event of illness or accident.

Professional care management: In the event of illness or accident you can count on professional support from experienced SWICA care managers who will advise and support you in choosing the right treatment and help you out on the administrative front. SWICA has more than 85 care managers working for customers across Switzerland.

Home Nanny and Home Attendant services: SWICA can ensure that your child and household are cared for while you are in hospital or at a medical spa. SWICA customers receive professional support through the Home Nanny and Home Attendant services.

SWICA believes that conventional medicine and complementary medicine can be combined to good effect. Anything that benefits your health is a good thing. That’s why SWICA supports complementary therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing.

Complementary treatment methods include acupuncture, aromatherapy, the Feldenkrais method, fango mud therapy, cupping, Rolfing, Bach flower remedies, ayurvedic medicine, biodynamics, spagyrics, Kneipp therapy, shiatsu massage, qigong and much more.

SWICA helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reward you for doing so. Collect points with the BENEVITA app, learn about health topics, enjoy attractive offers, and benefit from discounts of up to 15% (learn more) on the COMPLETA TOP, COMPLETA FORTE and HOSPITA supplementary insurance plans.

If you feel unwell, the BENECURA app will guide you through the SymptomCheck process. The result is a personal recommendation about what to do next. And you can always rely on the 24-hour telemedicine services provided by santé24. Thanks to the integrated health dossier you can store your documents and, where appropriate, share them securely with doctors.
The mySWICA customer portal enables you to submit invoices digitally and provides an overview of your insurance cover at all times. You can also communicate easily with Customer Services via your smartphone or computer thanks to the integrated messaging function. And you can make changes (e.g. a change of address) quickly and simply.

What our customers have to say.

Theresa Blüder
«I came to Switzerland from Germany in 2017 to join my boyfriend. I signed up with SWICA thanks to positive recommendations. I had the feeling right from the start that SWICA was the right insurer for me. I was offered exactly what I wanted and at a fair price!»
Claudia Esser
«I arrived in Switzerland at the start of 2016. The SWICA customer advisor took me through the entire system in great detail and with enormous patience and explained what I had to look out for as regards insurance and what was right for me. With SWICA I feel that I’m taken seriously, in safe hands and fully supported. Simply wonderful!»