Immediate professional diagnosis thanks to the innovative TytoHome telemedicine device

With the TytoHome telemedicine device, you can examine yourself and your family members at any time from anywhere. Afterwards, you simply send the data via the app to SWICA's telemedicine provider santé24 and then discuss the results with the doctors there. They will provide you with a professional diagnosis and recommendation for treatment immediately – conveniently at your home instead of at the doctor's office, also during the night. This not only helps you to understand the problem quickly but also saves you money, because the telemedical consultation with santé24 is free of charge for SWICA customers.

Ear infection, flu or something else?

If someone in your family gets sick, you want to understand the problem as soon as possible. With the easy-to-use TytoHome telemedicine device, you can carry out professional exams by yourself.

This saves you a lot of time, money and stress and allows you to take control of your family's health – all from the comfort of your home. Simple audio-visual instructions take you through the process step by step. Afterwards, you conveniently send the results by app to the medical specialists and doctors at santé24, SWICA's licensed telemedicine provider. Once the information has been analysed, a doctor from santé24 will contact you by phone to discuss the results of the exam. This ensures that you get a professional diagnosis and recommendation right away – without going to the doctor's office, sitting in waiting rooms, and having to pay consultation fees.


Exams you can carry out with TytoHome

With TytoHome – plus the three attachments and the TytoCare app – you can carry out a range of exams and produce high-quality sound recordings, images and measurement data. You will need a smartphone for the app.

Take pictures of the skin (integrated camera function)
Examine the ears (otoscope)
Examine the lungs, heart and heart rate (stethoscope)
Examine the throat, neck and mouth (spatula and integrated camera function)
Examine the abdominal region (stethoscope)
Measure body temperature (integrated thermometer)

The advantages at a glance

  • Anywhere: Whether from home or on the road or while on holiday, you can carry out exams by yourself regardless of your location.
  • Safe and professional: TytoHome produces high-quality recordings that the doctors at santé24 can evaluate. You will receive a professional diagnosis and recommendation free of charge
  • Quick and uncomplicated: No need for making appointments, no need to go to the doctor's office, no need to sit in waiting rooms. If necessary, prescriptions for medicines are sent directly to a pharmacy near you.
  • Around the clock: You can get medical advice 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Free of charge: The exams with TytoHome and the discussion with santé24 are free of charge – without deductibles or excess amounts.
  • Simple: Audio-visual instructions guide you step-by-step through the processes, which you can apply to your child or yourself.
  • For everyone: TytoHome is designed for adults and children (recommended from the age of one). You will need only one device for the whole family.
  • Privacy: All medical information you send to santé24 is subject to medical confidentiality.


Read more about santé24 and how to use the device here.

Families who switch to SWICA receive TytoHome for free.

Now it makes even more sense for families to choose SWICA. Families who are newly insured with SWICA as of 1 January 2022 will receive a TytoHome telemedicine device worth 249 francs* as a welcome gift. Switch to SWICA today because SWICA customers have been among Switzerland's happiest for many years now. This is confirmed by the top ratings SWICA regularly receives in independent health insurance surveys. In 2021, Comparis and AmPuls once again awarded SWICA first place for customer satisfaction.

  • Convince yourself of the advantages that SWICA offers and switch with your family to SWICA by 1 January 2022. (A family consists of at least three persons living in the same household, at least one of whom must be an adult.)
  • The offer is independent of your insurance cover (except for interim accident, guest, and endowment insurances, as well as for SALARIA and VACANZA plans).
  • When the insurance begins we will inform you in writing about the options for placing orders and how to set up a SWICA account. This is a prerequisite for using TytoHome.
  • You can then order a TytoHome device free of charge until 28 February 2022. We will send the device to your home and help you get started.

Terms for ordering TytoHome: You must be a Swiss resident above the age of 18. Each family can order at maximum one TytoHome device free of charge. To use TytoHome you need a smartphone, an email address and the SWICA BENECURA and TytoCare apps with a SWICA account.

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