Because it’s all about your health: santé24 is always there for you

Health always comes first. And whenever you face a health issue, it’s good to know that you can rely on experts at any time. This is precisely why the doctors and medical staff at the santé24 telemedicine service are there for you around the clock. They will answer your questions about illness, prevention, accidents, and maternity on 365 days of the year. For SWICA customers, the consultations are free of charge.

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The santé24 telemedicine service is available 24/7

santé24 is the telemedicine service of SWICA that enables SWICA customers to reach a doctor or medical specialist by phone – free of charge, around the clock, 365 days a year.

  • For illness or accident: If you fall ill or had an accident, you can count on santé24 to give you solid medical advice.
  • For issues relating to health or maternity: santé24 will not only answer your questions about health, vaccination and nutrition but also provide second opinions as needed.
  • For psychological problems: Do you suffer from anxieties, fears, etc.? The medical specialists – including psychologists – of santé24 are there for you around the clock.

Online but still personal: SWICA uses digital innovations to support your health

BENECURA – the app with the SymptomCheck feature developed by doctors

SWICA has built a doctor into your app: BENECURA is a medical app offering a full range of health services. This gives SWICA customers many advantages. For example, you can enter your symptoms yourself, and the app will give you a recommendation right away about what to do. Or it will tell you which check-ups make sense for you personally. By app – conveniently, always, anywhere.

In future, take a medical exam at home: TytoHome

With santé24 you will always get good advice by phone, and with BENECURA you can check your symptoms and get a recommendation. And what about in future? With the TytoHome pilot project, we are currently testing an innovative telemedicine device that enables users to carry out a medical exam themselves regardless of where they happen to be. This is because SWICA is thinking already today about your health tomorrow.

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SWICA customers have been the most satisfied in Switzerland for many years, as has been confirmed in many first-place rankings in health insurance surveys. In 2021 / 2020, once again, Comparis and amPuls awarded SWICA first place for customer satisfaction.

Not only santé24, but also the staff of SWICA’s customer service is there for you 24/7 and looks forward to hearing from you: By phone on the toll-free number 0800 80 90 80 or by means of the contact form below.

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What our customers have to say.

Stefan Meier
«Thanks to Telmed, we knew what to do.
The hospital wanted to pass us on to an expensive 0900 number.
But Swica knew better! Bravo! And thank you.»
Marcel Wild
«TytoHome is very easy and straightforward to use. Nothing can go wrong if you read the instructions. TytoHome gives me more flexibility and lets me do things when I want to. I strongly recommend using TytoHome.»
Edith Bino
«I had an unpleasant experience abroad when my insulin pump suddenly packed in. The foreign bureaucracy meant that it was far from easy to get hold of two different kinds of insulin and pens. So I eventually ended up in the emergency ward of a large hospital, where I quickly realised just how spoiled we Swiss are. The silver lining appeared after I came back home and sent the bills to SWICA. There were simply no questions or quibbles. The costs were reimbursed to my account after just ten days!

I can't thank SWICA enough for what they did. If you suffer from a chronic illness, you can count yourself lucky to have an efficient and understanding health insurer. Thank you very much.»
Bettina Spanudakis
«As the mother of a 3-year-old I’ve already contacted sante24 several times about ‘childhood illnesses’. I don’t like running to the doctor about every little thing. The initial telephone assessment and expert advice have generally been so good that I haven’t needed to bother our paediatrician.»
Charilaos Tsarouchas
«The customer support is just great. Always very professional and on the same time very friendly. Any medical consultations I get over phone give me the impression that the people, nurses and doctors involved know well their topic and provide support with a nice human touch. Moreover any time I have some administrative question or request the reply or resolution is prompt, which is rare. SWICA, thanks again for the great customer support, keep on!»
Nick Schoberth
«I’m never really ill, but during my summer holidays the SWICA helpline provided me with rapid straightforward help, even though I was abroad at the time and in a different time zone.»
Michael Griebsch
«Taking part in the TytoHome pilot saved us several visits to the doctor, and the feedback fed back directly into improving the service. We’re now keen users of telemedicine.»
Peter Markstaller
«When my cold got worse I carried out and transmitted various exams with TytoHome. Shortly afterwards I got to have an initial phone call with a professional, and only an hour or so later had a phone consultation with a doctor – all without having to consult a medical practice. Great!»
Ralph Isler
«I had a heart attack when I was in the Philippines and had to be admitted to hospital as an emergency. Despite difficult communications channels and the different time zones, SWICA and Medicall gave me comprehensive professional support. A Swiss doctor gave me advice by phone and SWICA issued the cover note. SWICA was also there for me on the flight back home.»
Rachel Sohm
«I'm so grateful to be insured with such a good health insurer. You fully deserve your top ranking among the health insurance companies. Many thanks also for the support, which is always friendly, whether it's in Amriswil, Winterthur or santé24.💚»
Ali Tuygu
«It was at Christmas. We were abroad and had forgotten to take our little daughter’s medication with us. Thanks to sante24 we were able to pick up the medication at the nearest pharmacy. You can always rely on SWICA and sante24!»
Caroline Künzle
«I'm thrilled with SWICA's easy invoice processing and with santé24, which is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and is always patient and very friendly! Thank you for allowing me be one of your customers. I'm very grateful!»
Raffaele Genna
«I really value the great assistance and support. After a skiing accident in Austria I didn't know what kind of accident insurance cover I had. A call to SWICA later on in the evening provided the information I needed and meant that I was extremely well looked after.»
Kristina Crnogaj
«We were on holiday in Dubai. I began to feel ill during the very first night. I had heart problems, so we had to go to the hospital. sante24 was a great help to us during this time, because we didn’t understand everything in English. Thanks to sante24 I felt safe and cared for abroad.»
Ivo Lacic
«I was really taken by the SWICA customer advisor’s pleasant and friendly manner. She explained all the products to me, didn’t push me to choose anything and was happy to respond to my ideas. The information and benefits for healthier living are outstanding. The apps are simple and uncomplicated. Exactly what I need for my family.»
Björn Busch
«I received very competent and friendly advice from a qualified nurse, and a very short time later got a call back from the specialist. I felt I got very good advice.»