A second opinion – your support when making important medical decisions.

SWICA helps you find the best solution.On request, neutral experts will review your files and the resulting diagnosis or prescribed therapy. The specialists assist you in coming to a decision and are neutral, as they do not carry out any treatments themselves and do not contact the initial doctor. A second medical opinion helps you to choose treatment that is tailored precisely to your needs.

Benefit now

The benefits of a second medical opinion

  • Certainty in case you are unsure about a first medical opinion
  • Support when making decisions about planned non-emergency medical treatment
  • A means for obtaining transparent, complete and objective information

SWICA and PROVITA customers can obtain an independent second opinion free of charge from santé24 at any time. Experienced doctors will assist you in this process.

Fees charged by the meinezweitmeinung.ch platform are also covered for customers with HOSPITA PRIVATE WORLDWIDE, PRIVATE and FLEX PRIVATE, HOSPITA SEMI-PRIVATE and FLEX SEMI-PRIVATE or INFORTUNA.

How you can benefit from a second medical opinion

  • You must be insured with SWICA. Whether you are insured through your company or with SWICA directly is of no consequence.
  • The decision concerns outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment that is mandatorily covered under the Federal Health Insurance Act. It is not possible to get a second opinion for cosmetic surgery.

Switzerland's happiest customers

In the 2019 health insurance survey conducted by Comparis and K-Tipp, SWICA again takes first place and receives top ratings for outstanding service. Discover the exclusive benefits of SWICA or simply try us out. Why not ask for a personal consultation. It’s worth it.

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What our customers have to say.

Mijin Cavallini
«As a mum and midwife I find that SWICA offers great maternity-related benefits and services. Already during pregnancy SWICA provided support with acupuncture, which helped me a lot. And after the birth they were always there for us, which meant I could enjoy the time with my baby.»
Daniel Henke
«For our family, only the best is good enough. Thanks to SWICA, we were able to enjoy the first hours and days together in a family room after our daughter was born. It’s wonderful and reassuring to know that, if anything happens, we as a young family are in good hands with SWICA.»
Bettina Spanudakis
«As the mother of a 3-year-old I’ve already contacted sante24 several times about ‘childhood illnesses’. I don’t like running to the doctor about every little thing. The initial telephone assessment and expert advice have generally been so good that I haven’t needed to bother our paediatrician.»