Relaxation and health tips

Healthier every day with BENEVITA-App

Physical fitness, a balanced diet and relaxation are important elements in a healthy lifestyle. That's why SWICA supports your personal commitment in all areas of health with BENEVITA, the digital health coach with bonus programme.

It couldn't be simpler

Earn points

Every week, you are rewarded for your activities and completed challenges with points, which you can redeem for discounts on your premiums or digital vouchers.

Donate as a community

When you complete challenges, in addition to points, you also receive community coins that you and the entire BENEVITA community can donate to charitable projects.

Record your activities

Do you use a fitness tracker? You can earn points automatically by connecting your tracker. The tracker will not send us any other data.

How your premium discount breaks down
The BENEVITA discount is based on the level you reached individually, as shown in the app. The Conditions of Participation explain the details of the BENEVITA programme. You can reach the next level by completing the Quiz, Live, and Tracking challenges:

Starter level = 0% discount
Level 1 = 5% discount on COMPLETA TOP and 5% on HOSPITA
Level 2 = 5% discount on COMPLETA TOP and 10% on HOSPITA
Level 3 = 5% discount on COMPLETA TOP and 15% on HOSPITA
This mobile app is provided free of charge by SWICA and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

SWICA believes strongly in protecting your personal data and is committed to ensuring that you always feel secure when using BENEVITA. When you use BENEVITA, your data is always safe and secure, in accordance with Swiss data protection regulations. You can use BENEVITA on your smartphone or tablet.