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Keeping our customers satisfied is a top priority for us. That's why we are delighted to have received the top rating once again in the 2019 Comparis customer satisfaction survey. We would like to thank all our customers for rating us so highly. This result will motivate us to continue delivering outstanding customer service and quality.

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Melanie Grass
«The CHF 500 prevention contribution towards my gym membership is sensational and unbeatable.»
Peter Markstaller
«After various frustrating experiences with other health insurers the personal professional advice provided by the SWICA representative persuaded me, even though SWICA is somewhat more expensive than other insurers. I’m a really happy customer: great service, professional advice, clear invoicing... SWICA is going to have to do something special to get rid of me»
Bettina Spanudakis
«As the mother of a 3-year-old I’ve already contacted sante24 several times about ‘childhood illnesses’. I don’t like running to the doctor about every little thing. The initial telephone assessment and expert advice have generally been so good that I haven’t needed to bother our paediatrician.»
Florian Allenspach
«A health insurer shows its real qualities when you become ill. When I had surgery on my back seven years ago SWICA was always there for me. I benefited from preferential treatment in the hospital and straightforward processes. I can warmly recommend SWICA to anyone.»
Daniela Wilhelm
«SWICA has been able to provide professional assistance to me and my family, regardless of the subject area. The adviser is so friendly that he’s almost become part of the family. SWICA offers a check-up which my husband decided to take advantage of. Although he doesn’t like doctors, he was really delighted with it.»
Sandra & Silvio Huser
«We are always satisfied with the services, processes and professional advice we receive from SWICA.»
Daniel Gfeller
«Insurance consultants have a reputation for acting in their own interest and talking their customers into buying certain products. With my SWICA advisor, however, I managed to have an open, transparent and friendly conversation that helped me feel confident – the basis for a long-term partnership.»

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