We reward healthy lifestyles

With substantial contributions of up to 1'300 francs a year (more information)

SWICA has made it its mission to make your health a priority again. SWICA believes that preventive healthcare is very important, which is why we support more than 100 activities with substantial contributions of up to 1'300 francs a year (more information). Our comprehensive support isn't limited to nutrition: it covers physical fitness and wellbeing too.

Your health can't wait. Switch to SWICA and benefit from its many advantages.

Your health. Our priority.


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The best activity for everyone - 100 offers for your health

With more than 100 offers, SWICA contributes to more different types of activity than practically any other health insurer. In addition to gym memberships and classes, SWICA contributes to your holistic efforts in terms of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Whether you dance, play golf or tennis,have a swimming pool subscription, climb, do yoga, get nutritional advice, massages, mindfulness classes or sign up for personal training – benefit from contributions of up to 1'300 francs per year (find out more).
How your preventive healthcare contribution breaks down

SWICA covers 90% of the costs under COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance, up to 500 francs per calendar year (up to 300 francs per type of activity). COMPLETA PRAEVENTA covers an additional 50% of the costs up to 500 francs per year (up to 300 francs per type of activity). OPTIMA supplementary insurance covers 90% of the cost exceeding this amount, up to a maximum of 300 francs per calendar year. This means your preventive healthcare contribution can be as much as 1’300 francs per year.

Benefit twice: Keep fit and save on premiums

Whether it's through exercise, yoga or another challenge that the BENEVITA health coach gives you, doing something for your health is easy with SWICA and can be easily included in your daily routine. With a wide range of activities related to exercise, nutrition or relaxation, you can collect bonus points and then benefit from a premium discount of up to 15% (find out more) or take advantage of a health promotion offer.

Calculate your premium and your personal BENEVITA discount

Whether you're looking for basic or supplementary insurance, you can put together your individual package and calculate your personal discount of up to 15% on selected supplementary insurance plans (learn more) in the BENEVITA bonus programme.

Benefit now from personal advice and switch over easily

Do you still have questions or are unsure what is the right insurance for you? SWICA’s advisors will be glad to help you find just the right type of cover. Feel free to stop by or to call or write to us – we look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, changing your health insurer is easier than you may think. SWICA's customer service staff will be glad to help you make the change as smooth as possible.

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What our customers have to say.

Barbara Uebersax
«Thanks to SWICA and My Coach I’ve been able to change my eating habits and get closer to my ideal weight. Nowadays I feel much better and my quality of life has improved.»
Jacqueline Vera-Xiria Geiger
«The tips I received from the BENEVITA team made me aware of exactly what I had to change in my eating and exercise routines. It's true that I was taking a lot of exercise and eating appropriate foods, but the exercise I was doing turned out to be inefficient and I wasn’t eating enough protein. Now I’ve lost four kilos – my body is more toned and I’m pleased with how I look.»
Jennifer Hoeffleur
«SWICA supports me in my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was trying out Bodypump with a friend, she told me that SWICA made generous contributions to her fitness club membership. So I also switched to SWICA, and am very happy I did. SWICA also provides support in the form of the BENEVITA bonus programme.»
Daniel Henke
«For our family, only the best is good enough. Thanks to SWICA, we were able to enjoy the first hours and days together in a family room after our daughter was born. It’s wonderful and reassuring to know that, if anything happens, we as a young family are in good hands with SWICA.»
Loris Hausammann
«I do a lot of sport in my spare time, so it’s important to me to have an insurance partner which supports me financially on that front. The range of services provided by SWICA is transparent and easy to understand, which suits me very well. I also like SWICA’s friendly professional staff and the easy-to-use invoice app.»
Alessandro Ferraro
«Very friendly, honest and professional advice.»