Why do we contribute towards your dance class?

Dancing is fun, and it's good for you – that's why SWICA will make generous contributions towards your next dance course under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. You can also enjoy numerous other contributions – towards your active membership of a tennis club or your climbing subscription, for example.

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Supported sports associations and partnerships

CI delle palestre d‘arrampicata
Contributi fino a CHF 600.– sui costi dell'abbonamento presso numerose palestre d'arrampicata

Loipen Schweiz
Contributi fino al 95% sui costi per il vostro pass per lo sci di fondo o sui costi della vostra tessera stagionale locale

Campi da golf Migros
Contributi fino al 95% sui costi della vostra Migros GolfCard

Federazione svizzera di ginnastica FSG
Contributi fino al 95% sulla quota di membro attivo presso una società di ginnastica FSG

Swiss Tennis
Contributi ai membri attivi fino a CHF 600.–

TanzVereinigung Schweiz TVS
Contributions of up to CHF 600 for dance classes and active memberships

Switzerland's happiest customers

In the 2019 health insurance survey conducted by Comparis and K-Tipp, SWICA again takes first place and receives top ratings for outstanding service. Discover the exclusive benefits of SWICA or simply try us out. Why not ask for a personal consultation. It’s worth it.

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What our customers have to say.

Franco Cadotsch
«I’ve been with SWICA for 25 or 30 years and they’ve always taken great care of me. It has never occurred to me to switch to a different insurer. Once SWICA, always SWICA.»
Jennifer Hoeffleur
«SWICA supports me in my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was trying out Bodypump with a friend, she told me that SWICA made generous contributions to her fitness club membership. So I also switched to SWICA, and am very happy I did. SWICA also provides support in the form of the BENEVITA bonus programme.»
Monika Bini
«I’m a happy customer because SWICA makes generous contributions towards my gym and tennis club memberships. Also, when I submit doctors’ bills they are processed rapidly, and the money I’m owed is transferred to me quickly.»
Remo Walser
«Until a few years ago I didn’t do any exercise and was putting on weight. But that’s all in the past now. SWICA’s supplementary benefits encouraged me to become more active. Without SWICA I would be living an unhealthy life and be unhappy with my body. Thank you!»
Theres Steinlin
«I was ill last year. SWICA helped me by offering an excellent range of services (phone-based advice, work reintegration options etc.) and providing them in a straightforward way (cover note for necessary measures, co-payments for alternative methods, etc.).»
Ursina Gabathuler
«I’ve been insured with SWICA for as long as I can remember. Fortunately I’ve always enjoyed good health, and I intend to ensure that it stays that way. Thanks to the Completa Praeventa contribution towards my gym membership and my annual membership at the pool, I am more motivated to do something to stay in good physical health.»