Apprentices: Commercial and IT

SWICA attaches a lot of importance to future-oriented training because the apprentices of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow.
As one of the leading training companies in the health insurance sector, SWICA offers apprenticeships to 55 young people. SWICA trains apprentices in line with the education plans for the following professions:
  • Commercial assistant on the extended basic training or vocational career path
  • IT staff specializing in systems technology
  • IT staff specializing in application development
  • ICT specialist

An apprenticeship at SWICA is attractive for the following reasons:
  • A competent and congenial training partner
  • Induction week at the start of the apprenticeship
  • Personal training plan with regular coaching sessions
  • Internal training and specialist courses during the apprenticeship
  • Attractive employment conditions
  • Training partner for the development, supervision and support of apprentices

The twelfth Apprentice Day, with 580 participants, took place in Weinfelden on 24 November 2014. Among the attendees was Romina Lombardo, who completed her commercial training and vocational baccalaureate during her second year at SWICA. An eleven-minute interview (in German) with her and SWICA's apprentice coach Tanja Schwager provides insights into this popular type of apprenticeship.

Following the apprenticeship, SWICA offers its young talents individual professional development as well as opportunities to work in another region of Switzerland with a different language.