Health insurer contributions to climbing centre memberships

Rock-climbing is worth it – especially with supplementary insurance from SWICA

SWICA is committed to preventive healthcare, and therefore contributes up to 900 francs (learn more) a year towards your annual or six-month membership with a climbing hall that's affiliated to the VSBK and has a cooperation partnership with SWICA if you have COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance.

Directory of climbing centres

Your climbing contribution


SWICA covers 90% of the costs under your COMPLETA FORTE supplementary plan, up to 300 francs per calendar year. COMPLETA PRAEVENTA covers an additional 50% of the costs up to 300 francs per year. OPTIMA supplementary insurance covers 90% of the cost exceeding this amount, up to a maximum of 300 francs per calendar year. This means your climbing contribution can be as much as 900 francs per year. See the illustration below to find out how much SWICA contributes:

Example of calculation
Climbing subscription CHF 950
Contribution from COMPLETA FORTE CHF 300
Contribution from COMPLETA PRAEVENTA•• CHF 300
Contribution from OPTIMA••• CHF 300
Your costs CHF   50
90% of the cost, up to CHF 300 (90% of CHF 950 up to CHF 300)
••50% of the cost, up to CHF 300 (50% of CHF 650 up to CHF 300)
•••90% of the remaining costs, up to CHF 300 (90% of CHF 350 up to CHF 300)

How to apply for your climbing contribution

Please send a copy of the invoice of your annual or six-month membership to your SWICA Customer Service or submit it via mySWICA app. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the contribution will be credited to your account.