Benefit thanks to the partnership between ACTIV FITNESS and SWICA

As one of the leading health and accident insurers, SWICA offers you insurance solutions tailored to your needs, comprehensive health benefits and service quality that's better than most. Whether with Comparis, or AmPuls – SWICA was rated first for customer satisfaction. That's why your fitness centre has signed a group contract with SWICA.

You save up to 20%, thanks to the group contract and BENEVITA

Attractive premium discounts, thanks to a group contract
Thanks to the partnership between ACTIV FITNESS and SWICA, you and your spouse/life partner and children living in the same household receive a 5% discount on all HOSPITA hospitalisation plans.

Lead a healthier everyday life with BENEVITA – and save even more
With BENEVITA, you benefit from premium discounts of up to 15% on all semi-private and private hospital insurance models and up to 5% on COMPLETA TOP and COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance plans as reward for leading a healthy and active life. Here you will find detailed information about BENEVITA and the premium discounts.

You can also benefit from a generous fitness contribution

As part of its commitment to health promotion and preventive healthcare, SWICA contributes up to 1'300 francs per year towards the cost of your gym membership with ACTIV FITNESS under the COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. Here you will find detailed information about the fitness contribution.
Example of calculation
  Standard Students
  Swiss Fit
Annual membership of ACTIV FITNESS 899.–  
 799.–    1400.–
Contribution from COMPLETA FORTE
500.–    500.–    500.–
Contribution from COMPLETA PRAEVENTA••
199.50  149.50  450.–
Contribution from OPTIMA•••
 179.55  134.55  300.–
Your contribution
19.95  14.95  150.–
90% of the costs up to CHF 500.– (two activity types: exercise and wellbeing)
••50% of the costs up to CHF 500.– (two activity types: exercise and wellbeing)
•••90% of the remaining costs up to CHF 300.–

Your SWICA advantages

SWICA is committed to promoting preventive healthcare and participates annually with a contributions of up to 1'300 francs (learn more) towards your gym membership with ACTIV FITNESS.

Your fitness contribution
Thanks to the partnership between ACTIV FITNESS and SWICA, you and your spouse/life partner and children living in the same household enjoy exclusive premium discounts on the supplementary insurance plans (for as long as the employment relationship/membership continues, up to the age of 65 at the latest).

You can reduce your premium even further by opting for one of the alternative insurance models (e.g. TELMED, CASA, SANTE or MEDPHARM), saving hundreds of francs a year on your household budget.
SWICA customer service 24/7: We would be happy to advise you in person. If you have any questions about your insurance cover, the customer service line is there to help you 24/7. Freephone 0800 80 90 80

santé24 – your Swiss telemedicine service: Experienced doctors and medical specialists from santé24 offer you expert advice on all questions relating to prevention, health, accidents and pregnancy – worldwide, around the clock, 365 days a year. Phone +41 44 404 86 86
Thanks to its premium offering, SWICA ensures prompt and preferential access to outstanding treatment and works with an extensive network of specialists to provide the best outcomes for its customers. With santé24, SWICA customers also enjoy free telemedicine services.
SWICA believes that conventional medicine and complementary medicine can be combined to good effect. Anything that benefits your health is a good thing. That’s why SWICA supports complementary therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing with conventional medicine.
As your health partner, SWICA is committed to ensuring that you receive quick, professional and, above all, personal support in difficult times. The services on offer include support from experienced care managers and reliable childcare or domestic help in the event of illness or accident.

Professional care management: In the event of illness or accident you can count on professional support from experienced SWICA care managers who will advise and support you in choosing the right treatment and help you out on the administrative front. SWICA has more than 85 care managers working for customers across Switzerland.

Home Nanny and Home Attendant services: SWICA can ensure that your child and household are cared for while you are in hospital or at a medical spa. SWICA customers receive professional support through the Home Nanny and Home Attendant services.
SWICA bases its premium calculations on the rate when you joined and rewards your loyalty by factoring in the length of time that you have been insured with SWICA. This means that you can keep your outgoings to a minimum, even in old age, and still enjoy the best possible insurance cover.
SWICA helps you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reward you for doing so. Collect points with the BENEVITA app, learn about health topics, enjoy attractive offers, and benefit from discounts of up to 15% (learn more) on the HOSPITA, COMPLETA TOP and COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance plans.

We'll be glad to advise you, anytime

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What our customers have to say.

Bettina Spanudakis
«As the mother of a 3-year-old I’ve already contacted sante24 several times about ‘childhood illnesses’. I don’t like running to the doctor about every little thing. The initial telephone assessment and expert advice have generally been so good that I haven’t needed to bother our paediatrician.»
Daniel Gfeller
«Insurance consultants have a reputation for acting in their own interest and talking their customers into buying certain products. With my SWICA advisor, however, I managed to have an open, transparent and friendly conversation that helped me feel confident – the basis for a long-term partnership.»
Erik Hasen
«I have been very satisfied with SWICA for over 40 years, particularly in the period before and after the birth of my son, who was born with a severe disability. Even though the IV takes care of most of the costs, SWICA was always there for me when I had questions or concerns. It really is a good feeling to be covered by this health insurer!»
Loris Hausammann
«I do a lot of sport in my spare time, so it’s important to me to have an insurance partner which supports me financially on that front. The range of services provided by SWICA is transparent and easy to understand, which suits me very well. I also like SWICA’s friendly professional staff and the easy-to-use invoice app.»