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BENEVITA bonus programme
A premium discount of up to 15% – the more you do for your health, the more you benefit.

With SWICA, a healthy lifestyle pays off twice – for your health and for your household budget. Thanks to the BENEVITA bonus programme, you can influence the premiums for COMPLETA TOP and HOSPITA supplementary plans through your active and healthy life.

Benefit from the bonus programme


BENEVITA short film

SWICA Erklärfilm

The BENEVITA health platform
The BENEVITA health platform delivers interesting personalised content relating to health issues. BENEVITA supports users and motivates them to adopt a health-oriented lifestyle. It also provides information in an informal way to help them through the various phases of their life. You can try the health platform now without obligation by creating a user profile at

The BENEVITA bonus programme
With the BENEVITA bonus programme SWICA customers can directly influence their premiums for the COMPLETA TOP and HOSPITA supplementary insurance plans by adopting an active and healthy lifestyle. Simply answer the health-related questions in the declaration questionnaire and collect your first bonus points. The more bonus points you collect, the higher your premium discount will be.

Benefit from the bonus programme

The BENEVITA advantages.

Reduce your premiums

BENEVITA Prämienrabatt

Thanks to your healthy and active lifestyle you can enjoy a premium discount on the COMPLETA TOP and HOSPITA supplementary insurance plans. The discount is based on your answers to the personal health and fitness questions in the declaration questionnaire. This means that it is not absolutely necessary to link a fitness tracker.

Use the SWICA premium calculator to find out how much you personally can save thanks to BENEVITA.

To the premium calculator

Rewards for exercise, nutrition and wellbeing

BENEVITA Belohnung

Whether it's activities in the area of exercise, healthy nutrition or wellbeing, BENEVITA rewards you for your healthy lifestyle.

Physical fitness, a balanced diet and wellbeing are important elements in a healthy lifestyle. That's why SWICA supports your personal commitment in all areas of health. Get active – you won't regret it.

Coaching by experts

Experts from the sante24 health advice helpline coach and support you towards achieving your goals. Coaching is available free of charge to all SWICA customers.

Individual health tips

BENEVITA Gesundheitstipp
You will receive useful health tips and helpful advice about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing (e.g. recipes, app recommendations, and events). The more you use the platform, the more the content will be tailored to your needs.


BENEVITA Challenges

Compare your performance in exciting contests with other teams or individuals, or devise your own challenge and invite others to take part. You can connect your fitness tracker (e.g. your smartphone or fitness wristband) to the platform and take part in exercise campaigns. Attractive prizes are waiting for you when you reach the set objective (e.g. 10'000 steps per day).

Preventive healthcare

BENEVITA Empfehlung
Some preventive healthcare measures will be particularly appropriate for individuals of your age and sex. BENEVITA delivers recommendations that are right for you, tracks your progress, and rewards you when you succeed.

Secure mobile platform

SWICA provides the BENEVITA health platform in cooperation with Swisscom Health. Swisscom guarantees data protection and data security. All the servers used by the system are located in Switzerland. You can use BENEVITA wherever you are and whenever you want to – on your smartphone or tablet, for example.

Benefit now from the bonus programme


Set up a profile free of charge

Create a user profile free of charge on the BENEVITA health platform and start enjoying the benefits right away.

Set up a profile now


Collect health points

Answer the questions about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing in the questionnaire. Your answers result in points which in turn determine your premium discount.


Benefit regularly

You can use BENEVITA wherever you are and whenever you want to – also on your smartphone or tablet. This means that you never miss a benefit and are always informed.


SWICA BENEVITA delivers personalised and relevant content about health issues. BENEVITA supports users and motivates them to adopt a health-oriented lifestyle. It also provides information in an informal way to help them through the various phases of their life. You receive personal health tips and can use the Challenges feature to compete against like-minded individuals and win attractive prizes in exercise campaigns.

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What our customers have to say. 

«The tips I received from the BENEVITA team made me aware of exactly what I had to change in my eating and exercise routines. It's true that I was taking a lot of exercise and eating appropriate foods, but the exercise I was doing turned out to be inefficient and I wasn’t eating enough protein. Now I’ve lost four kilos – my body is more toned and I’m pleased with how I look.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Jacqueline Vera-Xiria Geiger –

«The Benevita Health Programme is really great because it motivates me to get more exercise in my daily life. And you can use the various challenges to compete with your friends.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Remo Kistler –

«I joined Benevita in 2016 and it has changed my life completely. I put much effort into a healthy life, including exercise, food, sleeping and so on. Since then, I feel I am much healthier and happier both physically and mentally. Recently, I got my 300 healthies surprise, which make me more motivated to keep strong. Thank you Swica for helping us in our healthy life.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Shi Rong Danielsson –