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Preventive healthcare

Preventive healthcare includes measures to prevent or reduce the impact of particular health disorders and diseases. Under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans, SWICA makes contributions towards numerous preventive measures, as long as they are delivered by a SWICA-recognised partner or provider.

A few examples:

Preventive healthcare courses

Whether it’s advice about asthma or swimming for sufferers of rheumatism, SWICA supports you.

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Preventive check-ups to detect illness at an early stage.

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Mountain hiking in safety

Heading for the mountains? SWICA and the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention show you what to look out for.

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Diabetes prevention

Diabetes prevention – don’t give diabetes a chance!

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Sleep programme

SWICA is committed to helping people with sleep problems.

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Preventing falls

You can benefit from contributions towards measures aimed at preventing falls.

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Up to CHF 600 per year in preventive healthcare benefits

Under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans you receive annual contributions towards preventive healthcare. In the list below (under “Prevention”) you you'll find a selection of courses, activities and check-ups which SWICA supports.

List of activities for health promotion and preventive healthcare

Medical and gynaecological checkups

SWICA contributes towards some check-ups that can help identify illness at an early stage and which aren't included under mandatory insurance cover. Under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA plan, SWICA covers 90% of the cost up to a maximum of CHF 500 within a period of three calendar years. Under the OPTIMA plan, SWICA covers 90% of the cost.


Medically recommended travel-related and other vaccinations

SWICA contributes towards the cost of travel-related and other vaccinations which aren't included under mandatory insurance cover. Under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA plan, SWICA covers 90% of the cost up to a maximum of CHF 200 per calendar year. Under the OPTIMA plan, SWICA pays 90% of the cost.




Did you know that with BENEVITA you receive a premium discount of up to 15%.



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What our customers have to say. 

«Both my parents and I have been insured with SWICA for our entire lives. We have never had any problems or experienced any disappointments. We couldn’t be happier!»

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– Esther Tabirri –

«My family and I trust in SWICA. I was a professional ice hockey player for 14 years and accidents were the order of the day. Our medical team always looked after us extremely well. After my sports career ended, I decided that I wanted the same care and security for my family and myself. With SWICA I’ve found the ideal partner for my family.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Mattia Baldi –

«I’m never really ill, but during my summer holidays the SWICA helpline provided me with rapid straightforward help, even though I was abroad at the time and in a different time zone.»

SWICA Bewertung 5

– Nick Schoberth –