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Practical breastfeeding apps

The baby has arrived – so be sure not to forget anything important! The first days and weeks with a newborn can be very demanding for new parents. And having the right breastfeeding app on your smartphone can therefore make a big difference.

Modern technology makes many things easier, including having a child. The latest apps designed for mothers can help you keep track of your baby’s development. Especially useful are those that help mothers remember which breast their child last nursed on and how long ago it was.

Every app has its advantages, so whether you go for simplicity or multiple functions, it’s important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

You can get the following apps free of charge from the App Store or from Google Play. This is only a small selection of all the ones available.

Medela AG, which also initiated the annual breastfeeding campaign in Switzerland, has come up with “MyMedela”, an app designed to help pregnant women and new mothers record and evaluate their breastfeeding and baby-related activities around the clock. You can use the app to track the times you breastfeed and pump milk, how long the baby sleeps, when you change its nappies, and its height and weight. It also includes a guide with experts’ answers to frequently asked questions on pregnancy and breastfeeding.

On the road with the baby? It often helps to know of a place where you can nurse without being disturbed, and publicly accessible facilities are the ideal solution here: The GPS function of the mamamap app lets you find such places easily. Whether it’s a room or a sheltered corner, nursing mothers and their babies are always welcome.

Swissmom is the app of the largest and most active community of young mothers, fathers, and future parents. It allows users to create a profile and to contact other mothers and fathers for exchanging ideas. It also contains important information on pregnancy, birth, and babies.

sante24 – the free health advice helpline
The doctors and medical specialists at sante24 are available around the clock to provide free information and expert advice to SWICA customers and to answer questions about breastfeeding and being a new mother. Tel. +41 (0)44 404 86 86

SWICA supports the Breastfeeding Campaign 2017, which runs in German-speaking Switzerland from May until July. For more information, visit: