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Exercises for tired eyes

Working for hours at a time at a computer can put eyes under a lot of strain. They become irritated or painful and feel dry. However, some simple exercises can help relax the eyes and alleviate symptoms.

Screens – on computers, smartphones and tablets – are part of everyday life for many people, but looking at backlit surfaces for prolonged periods (e.g. at work) makes our eyes tired. What can we do about dry irritated eyes?

Look into the distance
When you work at a screen, your eyes focus for long periods in the same direction and at the same distance. From time to time you should raise your eyes from the screen and consciously focus on objects that are far away. This will activate the eye muscles and enhance the flexibility of the eyes.

Massage can help the muscles around your eyes to relax. Simply hold the bridge of your nose with your thumb and middle finger and place your index finger between your eyebrows. Now move your fingers closer together and then farther apart; repeat this several times. Massaging the brow can also provide relief to the eyes. Begin in the middle of your brow and gently move your fingers outwards to your temples.

Treat your eyes to a short spell of darkness by placing your palms over them for a couple of minutes. When doing this exercise, rest your elbows on your desk, close your eyes and visualise something beautiful. This will not only bring some relief to your eyes but will also help your entire body to relax.

Yawning and blinking
One easy way of bringing some moisture to dry eyes is to yawn widely or blink rapidly. This will spread a thin film of tears on the eyes and exercise the eye muscles. Repeat the process until enough liquid has gathered in your eyes.

Eye exercises
Exercise stretches and relaxes the eye muscles and can help to relieve strain. Try to do the following exercises several times a day: With your eyes closed, look up, down, left and right, as far as is comfortable for you. Open your eyes and relax briefly. Close your eyes again and move your eyes in slow circles.

Health advice around the clock
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