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Ergonomics at the workplace

Whether you're at work or in your home office, sitting for hours on end at the computer can wreak havoc on your body. An ergonomically designed workplace will help you maintain good posture and influence your health positively.

For many people who work at the computer, symptoms such as itchy eyes, headache, neck pain, or tension in the shoulders and arms are a daily occurrence. This is because unfavourably positioned equipment and tools at work force us to adopt unsuitable posture and thus strain the body unnecessarily. But it doesn't have to be this way. With a few tips you can do a lot to promote your health at the workplace and increase your sense of wellbeing.

It takes only few minutes to adjust the ergonomics of your workplace to suit your individual requirements.

  • Position your desk and screen so that the light comes from the side.
  • The screen should be parallel to you at a distance of approx. 60 – 90 cm. Adjust its height so that the upper edge is at least 10 cm below the level of your eyes.
  • Place the keyboard so that it is parallel to you and far enough away so that you can rest your forearms on the desk. Keep your mouse right next to the keyboard. If you need to have documents in front of you, position them at a distance between the keyboard and the screen. Ideally you should use a slanted document holder.
  • The height of your desk should be adjusted to the height of your elbows. If you can't adjust the height of the desk, you should adjust the height of the chair instead. And be sure to place your thighs on your chair so that they are fully supported and your feet are flat on the floor. Your upper body should form an angle of more than 90° with your thighs.
  • But even if the workplace is perfectly ergonomic, your body will still get tired when you keep the same position for too long. We therefore recommend that you take some time during the day in which to stretch, and if at all possible you should vary your work at the computer with other tasks.

sante24 – the free health advice helpline
Because you are insured with SWICA, you are entitled to contact the doctors and medical staff at sante24 for free expert advice on health issues at any time. Tel. +41 (0)44 404 86 86