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Whether outdoors, indoors, on holiday or at home, a skipping rope can be quickly and easily packed away. Our latest health tip explains who is suited to skipping as a form of exercise and what you should look out for.

A skipping rope takes up very little space and can be quickly stowed away in a bag, and you can use it to exercise almost anywhere. Whether in your own home, on holiday or simply in the park. There’s an appropriate exercise method for everyone – novices, experts, young and old. Parents can also exercise together with their children.

All-round endurance training
Skipping is an excellent way of burning calories, developing strength, stamina and quickness of movement and improving coordination. Skipping uses practically all the muscles in the body, especially in the legs and buttocks. Core and abdominal muscles are also exercised. “Some studies even maintain that skipping makes you happy because it stimulates the release of endorphins”, explains Duja Flückiger from JUMP ROPE SPORTS GmbH. This makes skipping an ideal form of exercise for many different types of athlete, whether as a warm-up or as a complete workout.

How does a skipping workout work?

This depends to a large extent on the fitness level of the person doing it. After a short warm-up you begin with very short units and try to repeat them three times a week. Initially a session should last about a minute or two. Once you’ve got used to the length of your initial session, you can gradually extend it. In order to make your workout more varied, you can use a variety of skipping techniques. For example, 15 jumps while running, then 15 jumps with the right leg and 15 jumps with the left leg.

How long should my skipping rope be?
The length of your skipping rope depends on your body size, physique and technique. Beginners can find out the correct rope length for them as follows:

Hold the skipping rope by its handles. Then stand on the middle of rope and pull the rope ends upwards. Your hands should end up at a level somewhere between your hips and your armpits.

However, more experienced skippers will normally use a shorter rope, because if you use the right technique you need much less rope and strength.

Mistakes people make when skipping
  • Jumping too high: This uses up too much energy. Keeping your skipping height to a minimum is much easier on the body and completely sufficient.
  • Rowingwith your arms while jumping: You should try to keep your arms as close to the body as possible and the movement should come from the wrists.
  • Cramping the shoulders: The shoulders should be as relaxed as possible to avoid strain.
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Are you still looking for the right skipping rope so that you can get started? SWICA customers are now eligible for a 15% discount on all skipping ropes and accessories from the Jump Rope Sports online shop. You can find out more about the offer on under active4life customer offers.

For further health-related questions
, SWICA customers can contact the santé24 telemedicine service free of charge on 044 404 86 86. A telemedicine licence allows santé24 physicians to provide additional medical services in appropriate cases. SWICA customers can also use the BENECURA medical app to carry out a digital SymptomCheck and receive recommendations about what to do next. During a subsequent phone call with santé24, customers can decide for themselves whether to release their information from SymptomCheck to santé24.