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Healthy eating at Christmas

Christmas is a time of culinary treats, with the temptation to enjoy more fresh-baked biscuits and warming mulled wine than you would normally indulge in. It’s no wonder many people find they’ve put on a few pounds during the festivities. Find out here how to enjoy delicious food without expanding your waistline.

Delicious food is as much part of Christmas as Christmas trees, presents and candles. But if you’re not careful, all those Christmas markets and family meals can spell disaster for your waistline. A few tricks will help you cut down on the calories without denying yourself the treats. Indulging yourself occasionally is okay as long as you make sure you’re also getting enough fibre and vitamins. 


For those with a sweet tooth

  • Don’t leave sweets and pastries out on the table all day. That way there’s less temptation to snack constantly. Eat less but enjoy what you’re eating more consciously.
  • Use wholemeal flour instead of white for your Christmas cookies. Wholemeal flour contains more fibre and vitamins, and keeps you feeling full for longer. Also remember that you can reduce the sugar in most recipes. In most cases your biscuits will still be sweet enough.
  • If you’re feeling peckish, try fruits such as mandarins and apples for a change. Nuts are also good. They’re really nutritious – although they’re also high in calories and should be enjoyed in moderation.

Christmas dinner

  • Don’t be tempted to skip eating during the day just so you can indulge more at dinnertime. If you’re feeling really hungry there’s a greater risk of overdoing it in the evening. You’ll feel more comfortable if you eat light meals during the day.
  • You could try a soup as a low-calorie Christmas dinner starter. It’ll take the edge off your hunger so you eat less main course. Try to enjoy your food slowly: the feeling of being satisfied doesn’t kick in until 15 or 20 minutes after you’ve started eating.

Exercise is good for you

  • You can also exercise to stay fit during the festive season. Do so regularly and you’ll easily be able to keep off those extra pounds. Take a walk with your family, or go ice skating. A snowball fight is also fun and a great way of burning off calories.