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Comparis, K-Tipp, and AmPuls – in comparisons of health insurers, SWICA outperformed all the major Swiss health insurers to secure 1st place overall for customer satisfaction. Are you a satisfied customer? Tell your friends and co-workers about the outstanding quality that SWICA delivers. Your recommendation will bring two benefits. Your friends and acquaintances will enjoy the all-round protection that SWICA offers plus outstanding service and attractive premiums. And you will receive 100 francs for every successful recommendation (Terms and conditions).

What our customers have to say

Franz Becker
«My wife and I have been customers of the Aadorf branch for years. When you enter the office there you get a good feeling. The people who work there are always very friendly, obliging and professional. You're made to feel like a customer they want to help rather than merely a number or someone imposing on them. They're genuinely keen to sort out your problem or respond to your request. Even if they can't help you there and then, someone always gets back to you promptly. Keep it up! We can only warmly recommend Swica, especially the Aadorf branch!»
Iris Eggenberger
«Everything great. Dealt with concerns promptly. Will be glad to recommend!»
Christina Troxler
«For me, Swica means a lot of heart, friendliness and helpfulness. I've never experienced anything like it! I always find Swica to be competent, understanding, enthusiastic, thoughtful, customer-friendly and good-humoured. I can and will heartily recommend Swica anytime.»
Esther Tabirri
«Both my parents and I have been insured with SWICA for our entire lives. We have never had any problems or experienced any disappointments. We couldn’t be happier!»
Peter Markstaller
«After various frustrating experiences with other health insurers the personal professional advice provided by the SWICA representative persuaded me, even though SWICA is somewhat more expensive than other insurers. I’m a really happy customer: great service, professional advice, clear invoicing... SWICA is going to have to do something special to get rid of me»
Rolf Isliker
«Absolutely outstanding health insurance! The best insurer you could wish for, especially here at the Kloten agency, and most especially Janine Peter!»
Jürg Suhner
«santé24 is a really valuable healthcare organisation. It's so great to be able to count on your expert services if I fall ill, or if I need advice after being ill. Your health advice deserves particular praise. As a SWICA customer, I always feel well looked after with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to deal with my concerns. One satisfied customer!»
Daniel Longhi
«I would especially like to thank Hugo Garcia for his speed and professionalism in dealing with my supplementary insurance request. He is very easy to talk to and really listened to my needs. I'm very happy to have been in contact with him. I wish him every success in his work.»
Rachel Sohm
«I'm so grateful to be insured with such a good health insurer. You fully deserve your top ranking among the health insurance companies. Many thanks also for the support, which is always friendly, whether it's in Amriswil, Winterthur or santé24.💚»
Markus Bärlocher
«I called SWICA about some contract changes, and it made them just as I had hoped. And invoicing, too, works without a hitch. What's more, I get refunds from my Completa Top plan quickly, without me having to chase after them. My personal situation will change at the end of the year, which means I'll have to rethink what's in my contract. Thanks a lot for taking good care of me!»
Hatice Yilmaz
«I am very happy with my personal contact person, Melike Öztekin. Ms Öztekin's clear communication and friendly manner makes the whole process easy to understand and this results in hassle-free care. Well done!»
Francesca Galentino
«I suffered a stroke. Not long after, it was suggested to me that I have a kind of case manager to support my recovery, help me with any difficulties and with paperwork, and propose various forms of assistance.
The person assigned to me was a great help, not only during the episode itself but also for a long time afterwards.
I was pleased to be able to take advantage of this invaluable free service, which supported and assisted me hugely through my physical and emotional difficulties.»
Bettina Täuber
«In the past few weeks I had to have surgery twice. Settling the claims has gone smoothly. Today I even got a phone call from someone at SWICA asking how I'm doing, and whether I'm satisfied with how everything went. To me this is a health insurance company really going above and beyond! I'm a big fan. Thank you for this excellent service.»
Jacqueline Bellon
«I've been with SWICA for 50 years. I really recommend this insurance company because of how understanding it is, the fast payments and everything it does to help remedy the different illnesses we might come across in life.»
Hans Maurer
«Every Swica experience has been completely satisfying for me. In the many years I've been with Swica, I've always been very satisfied! Capable, motivated, reliable, friendly and fast. What more could you ask? Quite simply the number one.»
Laurent Ludovic
«A fantastic advisor (Mr Cudré-Mauroux) helped me with everything. Thanks to the changeover I have been able to save on lot of things with Swica products (for example Fitnesse and complementary medicines). Being able to contact a doctor online with the device from wherever you are is really great for minor emergencies. (You can even use it on holiday by the sea). I highly recommend this very modern insurance that is top value for money. Thank you very much.»
Vincent Faysse
«Digital insurance! I very much appreciate the services provided by the website and the mobile app: easy document transfer, a complete picture of your coverage, a wide range of information, etc.
It’s a real time-saver!»
Jürg Suhner
«Even though I'm retired now, I still look after people in need and come into conversation with them. You would hardly believe the stories I hear about health insurers. About incorrect information, or promises which then can't be kept. It is people seeking advice who often end up short-changed – people who don't have the confidence, or sometimes the ability, to stand up for themselves.
With SWICA I've always received really competent advice – whether it was just a brief phone message, or if a doctor was also consulted – no fuss, no quibbles. But what really touches me is that, whether I'm phoning or asking in person at an agency counter, with SWICA you are taken seriously as a INDIVIDUAL.

I wish that all INDIVIDUALS could enjoy the valuable services that SWICA provides.»
Sandra Schenkel
«Very knowledgeable and friendly advice given over the phone by Mr Salomon, the advisor.»
Bettina Spanudakis
«As the mother of a 3-year-old I’ve already contacted sante24 several times about ‘childhood illnesses’. I don’t like running to the doctor about every little thing. The initial telephone assessment and expert advice have generally been so good that I haven’t needed to bother our paediatrician.»