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There are more than 60,000 people who live in Germany and work in Switzerland. Are you one of them? Thanks to SWICA, the No. 1 for customer satisfaction, you can enjoy comprehensive insurance cover for illness and accident at home and abroad with outstanding value for money.

Björn is a member of this group

He has been officially registered as a cross-border commuter for a month now. For his dream job he commutes daily between Lörrach and Basel with a journey time of about half an hour each way. However, the administrative side of this new phase of his life has taken a lot longer to sort out. He has had to choose, for example, whether to take out health insurance in Germany or in Switzerland.

Björn is in luck. His new employer is a major company located close to the border, with numerous cross-border commuters under contract. So the friendly personnel manager refers him to his future team mate Sarah and sends her contact details to him.

In the course of a phone call, Sarah explains that insurance in Switzerland is unrelated to one's employer and that, unlike in Germany, health insurance contributions are not linked to income. This means that Björn is better off with a Swiss health insurer – and not just financially. She recommends the special cross-border commuter insurance solution from SWICA to him and sends him a link with all the information.

Cross-border commuter insurance solution
Whether you require illness or accident cover, SWICA's insurance solution for cross-border commuters provides reliable protection at home and abroad.

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First of all Björn reads through all the information and then tries out the online premium calculator. To his surprise, switching to SWICA will bring him many benefits. Not only is the offer financially attractive, but the medical care on offer is also more comprehensive. Thanks to the free choice of hospital and SWICA's extensive network of doctors, the medical care on offer is more promising than in southern Germany, for example. If the employment relationship in Switzerland ever ends, Björn can always rejoin a German statutory health insurer when he returns to Germany.

After speaking to SWICA's cross-border commuter team, Björn is convinced: "From now on, I'm going to have Swiss health insurance."

Would you also like some advice about our offering for cross-border commuters?

The SWICA team at the cross-border commuter agency in Basel would be happy to help.

SWICA Cross-Border Commuter Agency
Aeschenplatz 2, 4010 Basel
Phone +41 61 270 62 52

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Sandra & Silvio Huser
«We are always satisfied with the services, processes and professional advice we receive from SWICA.»
Urs Dübendorfer
«The whole family has been impressed with the professional and expert advice we get from SWICA. SWICA are there to advise and support us. This is a health insurer you can rely on. You can really feel that they care about the health of their customers.»
Alessandro Ferraro
«Very friendly, honest and professional advice.»