Group discounts and exclusive sports contributions

Thanks to partnerships with numerous businesses and associations, their employees and members enjoy group discounts on supplementary insurance plans and annual sports contributions of up to 600 francs* (e.g. for tennis, rock-climbing, cross-country skiing, dancing or golf).

Partnerships with numerous businesses and associations

We are proud that around 27,000 companies and organizations are insured with SWICA. When it comes to daily benefits, accident insurance, or cover provided by a group health insurance contract, these company employees and association members will benefit from the preferential terms that SWICA offers.

We would be happy to inform you whether or not your employer or professional association is affiliated with SWICA and if you are therefore eligible for preferential terms:

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Exclusive sports contributions

Thanks to SWICA's collaboration with the following sports associations you can enjoy generous sports contributions and attractive premium discounts on selected supplementary insurance plans.
*SWICA covers 50% of the costs from your COMPLETA PRAEVENTA supplementary plan, up to 300 francs per calendar year. Furthermore, your OPTIMA supplementary plan covers 90% of the costs exceeding this amount, up to 300 francs per calendar year. This can result in prevention contributions of up to 600 francs per year.