Breastfeeding twins

Most mothers greet the prospect of breastfeeding twins with mixed feelings. On the one hand they are delighted with the idea of an addition to the family, and on the other they worry about being able to provide adequate care and nutrition. Breastfeeding twins or even multiples is not a problem if you have patience, practice, and family support.

Having twins is not at all uncommon. About 1,500 twins are born in Switzerland every year. Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about breastfeeding twins.


Will I have enough milk for both children?

In short: yes. Your body will respond to the needs of two babies in exactly the same way as it would after the birth of one. More milk-producing hormone will be released, so more milk will be produced. There is therefore no reason why twins or multiples can't be breastfed successfully.


Scheduled or flexible breastfeeding times?

Try to be flexible. Although a certain degree of routine would be good for you, try to tune into the babies' rhythm. Especially at the beginning you should always feed on demand so that your milk production is stimulated. After a few weeks a regular pattern of three to four hours between feeds usually develops.


Can I feed both babies simultaneously?

Yes, if both babies want to feed at the same time, you can feed both. Many mothers find the football or clutch position particularly comfortable. But take your time and try out different positions until you find the one that's right for you.


Should I always give each baby the same breast, or is it better to alternate?

Every mother learns for herself whether it's better to always give the baby the same breast or to alternate every time. If the babies are breastfed one after the other, then it's advisable to let the baby feed from both breasts each time it's fed in order to look after your nipples and prevent engorgement.



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