Fast food, too, can be healthful

Fast food is quick, simple and a good value. There is an enormous choice in take-away offers, such as burgers, pizzas, Döner Kebap, sandwiches, pies, salads, etc. – often making it hard to know what is healthful. The following tips will help you choose a quick and wholesome lunch menu.

Many working people, as well as an increasing number of students, are forced to go out for lunch. Because they are often pressed for time, they tend to opt for quick meals with lots of calories.

The following tips will help you enjoy a balanced and healthful meal also during a short lunch break:

  • Order mineral or tap water instead of soft drinks that weigh you down with extra empty calories.
  • Aim for variety if you eat out regularly during the week. Besides Swiss dishes, there are many ethnic foods, such as Asian noodle and rice dishes, as well as Turkish and Indian specialties. Canteens, too, usually offer a range of menus.
  • Go for the low-fat option, for example by choosing a chicken instead of a salami sandwich.
  • With every quick meal, be sure to eat a helping of vegetables, salad and/or fruit.
  • Decide on the wholewheat option whenever possible. Seeds and kernels in salads will give you additional fibre.
  • Prepare your meals at home. This will give you more control over what you eat.


Examples of balanced and quick meals, according to the Swiss Society for Nutrition:

  • A wholewheat ham sandwich, a mixed salad, an apple and 5 dl of mineral water
  • A slice of pizza margherita, a mixed salad with a slice of wholewheat bread, fruit salad and 5 dl of mineral water
  • A hamburger, celery salad with yoghurt dressing, a wholewheat cookie and 5 dl apple spritzer


In general:

  • Give yourself enough time to eat. Take a break from whatever you're doing, leave the office if possible, and find a comfortable place to sit.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the flavours and the company of others. Take breaks repeatedly during a meal.
  • Always pay attention to how hungry or satiated you feel. Don't worry about leaving food on your plate occasionally because you are no longer hungry.



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