Eating healthily doesn’t have to cost the earth

Many people think that a fresh and varied diet costs much more than convenience foods. Not true: while you might have to plan more carefully if you’re on a limited budget, a healthy, balanced diet is certainly affordable.

In fact a study on the cost of healthy nutrition (Kosten gesunder Ernährung) commissioned by the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) shows that fresh produce is even less expensive than processed and semiprocessed food. This means that healthy nutrition is possible even on a limited budget. These tips are designed to make cheap and healthy eating child’s play.


Plan your shopping

Before you go shopping, think about what you’d like to cook. Write down the ingredients on your shopping list and stick to it. Don’t shop on an empty stomach: if you’re suffering from hunger pangs you’re more likely to buy on impulse.


Use leftovers

It’s not always easy to get the portions just right. Leftovers can be frozen or reheated the next day. You can also transform them into tasty dishes such as soups, gratins or desserts.


Take advantage of special offers and seasonal produce

Keep an eye out for special offers to stock up on foods with a long sell-by date. Also remember that seasonal produce, for example fruits and vegetables, is usually cheaper than imported food. You can buy in larger quantities and freeze anything you don’t use immediately. Meat, fish, cheese, sauces, soups, bread and baked goods will keep for several weeks in the freezing compartment. Extra tip: Shortly before closing time, shops often cut prices on produce about to expire. These are things that can be eaten at no risk to your health and can save you a little more money.


Drink tap water

The quality of tap water in Switzerland is excellent. It’s free of charge and free of calories, so saving sweetened drinks for special occasions is great for both your wallet and your figure.



Apples, carrots, etc., are cheap and healthy and make great in-between meals.


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