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The 10 craziest
outdoor yoga trends

Yoga is currently in vogue, resulting in a large variety of forms and practices. We will show you ten outdoor yoga trends that are really something special.
Is there a better way to bring the body, mind and soul into balance than through yoga? Well, doing your exercises outdoors in the fresh air opens up a wide range of possibilities. 

Lightly suspended: Aerial yoga

Light as a bird: When you do aerial yoga, you practice the asanas while suspended in the air – a great way to release energy and build strength at the same time. For this, you need a special cloth to attach to a pole, the ceiling or a thick branch outdoors. Wonderful, but it requires a good sense of balance.

Steamy relaxation: Hot yoga

If you love high temperatures, hot yoga might be just the thing for you. It's a variation of Bikram yoga, but you do the exercises at temperatures between 27 and 40 degrees. People generally do hot yoga in heated studios, but there's no reason why you can't do it outdoors on a hot summer day.

Almost like flying: Acro yoga

Acro yoga requires three people: A base, a flyer and a spotter. The base lies on the ground and moves the flyer from one position to the next. The spotter makes sure that the flyer doesn't fall. You can start with exercises called Star, Super Yogi or Hammock. Preferably on a nice sandy beach, of course; but a meadow will also do.

Practise with cloven-hooved animals: Goat yoga

The idea of goat yoga comes – of course – from the USA. Oregon farmer Lainey Morse practices yoga in the presence of her goats, which help her to relax especially well. Yet the goats are actually just doing what they always do: Romping, chewing grass, bleating, and digesting. By the way, the concept also works with cows, llamas or sheep. Clear air, idyllic landscapes and a bright blue sky – ideal conditions for total relaxation.

Fully concentrated while on water: SUP yoga

Combining stand-up paddling and yoga might strike you as a rather wobbly affair. Instead of using a yoga mat, you practise on the board while on the water. Not so easy! However, you get more than an efficient physical workout because you also train your sense of balance and your concentration. But you may end up with a chilly bath unless you're fully in command. Lastly, practising on the lake is good for all the senses.

Humid and cheerful: Aqua yoga

Instead of grabbing the yoga mat, head for the pool or, better still, the lake: Aqua or water yoga is a good choice for all water rats. You can do the exercises while standing or floating, possibly with aids such as a pool noodle. This allows you to release tensions more easily, and the pressure of the water is good for breathing exercises and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Last but not least, the resistance of the water makes you use your muscles more. Aqua yoga is therefore the perfect summer workout, especially in hot temperatures. 

Laughing out loud: Laughter yoga

The pandemic has dimmed the mood of many of us. It's therefore high time to rediscover how to laugh. For example, by doing laughter yoga. It not only strengthens our immune system and self-esteem but also uses the lungs, releases happiness hormones, and helps us keep depressive moods in check. It's best to have an expert show you how to do it.

Sweating with asanas: HIIT yoga

Intensive muscle training and relaxing yoga? What may seem contradictory at first is actually a very effective workout that combines elements from yoga with classic high intensity interval training. While it enhances mobility and concentration, it also builds strength and endurance. In short: Combining fast and slow is the way to go.

Practising on the rope: Slackline yoga

Yoga and slacklining – in other words, balancing on a rope – have a lot in common. Both sports are all about rest and concentration, focus, tension and relaxation. You can do many yoga exercises on the slackline – a major challenge when it comes to keeping your balance. If you are not yet confident enough, combine your floor exercises with those on the slackline. And do them outdoors whenever possible, of course.

Among men: Brother yoga

Yoga is especially popular with women, with men often in the minority in sessions. While it's not a problem for some, others prefer to do yoga together with other men. For them, there is brother yoga, also called "bro yoga" or "broga," which they can do indoors as well as outdoors. Depending on the situation, brother yoga can put more emphasis on strength exercises than on meditation. But the important thing in any case is to foster a sense of community and forge brotherly bonds.
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