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Get fitter – feel better! Skipping is an excellent way of burning calories, developing strength, stamina and quickness of movement and improving coordination. Skipping ropes from Jump Rope Sports are ideal for this type of exercise.

The online shop www.jumpropesports.ch stocks a range of high-quality skipping ropes for various applications relating to fitness and exercise. They can be used, for example, for warming up before boxing, to boost double unders in cross-training, to make a start with simple skipping exercises, to introduce children to skipping, and to enable skipping in groups with long ropes. The founder of Swiss company Jump Rope Sports is a passionate rope skipper herself and will be only too delighted to help you choose the rope that's right for you.


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15% discount on all skipping ropes and accessories in the online shop at www.jumpropesports.ch.

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