SWICA active4life offer: 15% off all hiking and snowshoe tours

slowhike: enjoyable mountain hikes and snowshoe tours that are easy on your knees

slowhike is perfect for anyone who likes going on leisurely hikes with like-minded people and prefers to stop and rest once in a while. Along the way you can also learn interesting facts about nature and the area. SWICA customers get a 15% discount on all tours.

Following an approach similar to that of the slow food movement, slowhike aims to make hiking more enjoyable by slowing down the process. Their guided mountain hikes and snowshoe tours are for anyone who prefers hiking uphill and downhill at a leisurely pace. slowhike offers routes that are easy on your knees as well as your other joints.


Offer for people insured with SWICA

15% off all tours at slowhike.ch

This discount is for SWICA customers only and cannot be combined with other discounts.

And this is how it works:
Please complete the form below using the information shown on your insurance card. The requested discount code and / or link will then be sent to you by email. This can take up to 10 minutes. The offer is available only to SWICA customers and valid for as long as it appears on SWICA's website.


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