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Whatever does you good is healthy, but what that means differs from person to person. That's why SWICA has a holistic commitment to your health and provides you with comprehensive health offers and services. We put conventional and complementary medicine on an equal footing, and we also promote innovative therapies. We make contributions towards more than 100 courses relating to health promotion and preventive healthcare and are constantly expanding our range. This means that everyone can find an ideal way to do something good for their health.

Immerse yourself in our world of health and discover breaking stories, attractive offers, motivational challenges and exciting tips on the topic of health.

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Scale even greater heights with mental training

May 2023: Having the right mindset helps keep your motivation high so you can continue working towards your goals. Petra Klingler tells us how she prepares to face a challenge. Try your luck in our big IFSC Climbing World Championships competition and win one of more than 600 prizes. One prize is already guaranteed: SWICA and Petra Klingler invite everyone to a unique live talk.

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Why proteins are important for us

May 2023: Along with carbohydrates and fat, proteins are one of the three main nutrients for our bodies. Learn fascinating facts about proteins and test your knowledge in the protein quiz. If you'd like to pack more protein into the meals you prepare at home, you can order a free copy of the "gesund&stark" magazine which provides a variety of high-protein recipes for you to try out.


How to protect yourself against ticks

May 2023: Tick season is here. Learn helpful tips on how to protect yourself from these creepy-crawlies, and order a free tick remover card for when you're on the go. Then you'll be ideally equipped for the outdoor season, and with a little luck you could win a healthy break in the Valais Alps.

SWICA Health barometer

Live better and healthier with the right goals

March 2023: Discover seven techniques for permanently changing your behaviour and sticking with your resolutions for a healthier life. The SWICA Health Barometer provides a simple way to calculate your current fitness and health level.

Carry out medical examinations yourself – anywhere

SWICA is the first health insurer in Europe to offer TytoHome to its customers. With TytoHome, an innovative telemedicine device, you can carry out medical examinations yourself, regardless of where you happen to be, and then share and discuss the results with santé24 healthcare experts and doctors.

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