Holistic support from SWICA

From initial medical advice, through diagnosis, therapy and reintegration into daily life, to financing: SWICA offers its customers all-round medical care from a single source.

Be covered

Financial protection in the event of illness, accident and maternity

Rate based on your age when you join remains unchanged for life

Co-payments from basic insurance are offset against those for supplementary insurance
Customised, individual insurance solutions

Best value for money in every phase of life
Professional advice in your region

mySWICA Digital customer portal

Be healthy

Contributions towards health promotion and preventive healthcare of up to 800 francs for exercise, nutrition and wellbeing
BENEVITA Digital health platform with bonus programme

Get healthy & live well with a disability

BENECURA Digital health consultation with SymptomCheck

First-class medical care

Support programmes for chronic illnesses based on the latest medical research