TytoHome FAQ

If you can't find the answers to your questions here, please contact our technical helpline on +41 52 244 28 30 or by email to tytohome@swica.ch: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00, and on Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00.

Purchase & costs

Only one device can be bought per policyholder.
You and your family can use the device and the santé24 telemedicine service free of charge and will pay neither an excess nor a deductible. So, if using TytoHome means that you don't have to consult a doctor, then you won't of course have to pay the deductible on the doctor's fees.
No, using TytoHome does not affect the insurance policies that you have taken out with SWICA. If, for example, you have FAVORIT-CASA insurance (family doctor model), your first point of contact will still be your family doctor. TytoHome and the santé24 telemedicine service represent a no-cost option that can be used, where appropriate, for a quick initial assessment.

Getting started

The package contains the device itself and three attachments (applicators) which allow a range of examinations to be carried out. The package also includes consumables such as earplugs and throat spatulas. In order to enable examinations for both children and adults, the consumables are provided in two sizes.

To start using the TytoHome telemedicine device, first download the TytoCare app and the BENECURA app from your app store. Once you have successfully logged in to the BENECURA app using your SWICA account, you can access the TytoHome telemedicine service without having to log in again. It is not possible to log in to the TytoCare app directly, nor is it necessary if you use BENECURA. If you do not yet have a SWICA account, you can sign up for one on the BENECURA app homepage.



TytoCare app
No. The TytoHome package video includes tutorials and instructions which make it easy and safe to use the device. You can watch the video tutorials at any time in the TytoCare app.

Using the device

In principle, you can also use the TytoHome device offline, i.e. without connecting to the TytoCare app. Please note that in this case your examinations cannot be forwarded to the medical staff at santé24. We always recommend that you use the TytoCare app and the TytoHome device together.
TytoHome allows for sound recordings of the heart and of the lungs as well as high-quality images and videos of the ear, throat and skin that can then be sent to santé24. It is also possible to measure the heart rate and body temperature. You can also enter information (e.g. your weight) manually. You can then send the results of the exams to the medical specialists by text message or in the form of a short video that you made on your smartphone. Direct app-based face-to-face contact with a doctor is also possible if necessary for medical reasons.
TytoHome is a compact, easily transportable device. Examinations can therefore be carried out regardless of where you are. All you need is a wifi or hotspot connection.
TytoHome can be used for children and adults of all ages. Anyone who has ever downloaded and used an app will also be able to use this app. However, the requirements for the purchase of the devices must be observed (see «What requirements do I have to meet if I want to order a device?»)
TytoHome can be used by you and your family members. You decide which family members you set up as patients in the app. If you have any questions, please contact santé24. In order to enable examinations for both children and adults, the individual attachments are provided in two sizes. Hygiene is ensured by means of consumables such as earplugs and throat spatulas, which can be cleaned with ordinary wet wipes/alcohol wipes (70% isopropyl alcohol).
TytoHome can be used on infants of all ages, but we recommend use from around the age of 12 months.
You can use the TytoHome device after you log in to the BENECURA app. In the BENECURA app, you will find a link to TytoHome under «More services» and from there you can access the TytoCare app without having to log in again. The TytoCare app will be activated as soon as you accept TytoCare's terms of use. You then connect the device with the TytoCare app via your private wifi or a mobile hotspot.



TytoCare app
If you have questions about your health, you can always call santé24 on +41 44 404 86 86 – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In case of a medical emergency, please call the emergency number 144, or the one in your country of residence, right away.
To re-order consumables (e.g. earplugs and throat spatulas), please contact our technical helpline by calling +41 52 244 28 30 or by email to tytohome@swica.ch. We will then provide you with new consumables and/or discuss the appropriate course of action.
The TytoHome device package includes a welcome letter from us with the required information and instructions.
iOS 13 (2019 version) or a more recent release is required to use BENECURA.

Participants in 2020 pilot phase

Pilot participants can continue to use their device from the pilot phase without restriction. With the link between the TytoCare app and SWICA's BENECURA app pilot participants can now access TytoCare directly from BENECURA as well. This means you no longer have to log in separately to TytoCare.

Technical service

The connection to the TytoCare app can take up to one minute. Alternatively, you can try using your mobile phone's hotspot instead of the WLAN. If you are unable to connect, please call the technical helpline +41 52 244 28 30 or write to us at tytohome@swica.ch.

It is not possible to log in to the TytoCare app directly. The TytoCare app can only be accessed through BENECURA. Once you are in the BENECURA app, you can then jump directly into the TytoCare app.



TytoCare app

BENECURA is the central entry point for accessing the services provided through SWICA's digital applications. However, all you have to do is to log in to BENECURA and you automatically have direct access to the TytoCare app.



TytoCare app
Whenever an updated version of the software becomes available, you will receive a message when you use the device. You will then be prompted to install the updates. Once the updates are complete, you will be able to perform further examinations. The TytoCare app will also be updated regularly. Since this usually occurs automatically, you won't notice it (providing that you've set up this accordingly).
TytoHome has had FDA approval in the USA since 2016 and CE marking for use in Europe since 2018.

Data protection

Your data will be sent to santé24 via an encrypted connection. The data will be backed up to an Amazon cloud server in Ireland.
TytoCare provides the TytoHome device to SWICA and other international companies. For this reason, data is stored using Amazon's global cloud solution.

The Swiss Data Protection Act is complied with at all times:
1) Only the patient and the medical specialists at santé24 can access the examination data.
2) Neither SWICA nor TytoCare can view or access your medical data.