Why a personal trainer will get you to your goal more quickly?

Running a marathon, building up your strength and stamina, or simply losing a few kilos: Having a personal trainer means that you receive targeted personal instruction. Whether it's personal training or coaching by phone or app – SWICA contributes up to CHF 600 per year towards your personal commitment under its supplementary insurance plans.

The Swiss as a nation are keen on sport. According to a study from the Federal Office of Sport, almost 70% of Swiss people between the ages of 15 and 74 do some kind of sport. Personal trainers help everyone to reach their goals, regardless of whether they love sport or hate it. A personal trainer responds to his customers' individual requirements and advises them not only about sport, but also about nutritional and psychological aspects.

Three personal trainers share their experience

The three SWICA-approved personal trainers – Linda Bürki, Steve Husistein and Carla Bereiter – give interesting insights into their work and explain why training with them is worthwhile.

Short interview with Linda Bürki

My work is strongly health-oriented. I look after people who are going through rehabilitation or have restricted movement. But of course I also have customers who simply want to keep healthy by taking exercise. My focus is mainly on outdoor sports. If possible, I want to exercise outside with my customers – no matter what the weather is like. Because we already spend enough time sitting around indoors, and fresh air is good for body and soul.
Personal coaching is suitable for everyone – young or old, beginner or expert. Some people lack the drive or motivation to exercise by themselves. A personal coach motivates them to get going and grow beyond their limits. He can also respond individually to the requirements and goals of customers.
Personal trainers help customers to reach their goals, experience the joy of exercise and achieve a heightened sense of wellbeing. They respond to individual needs and can motivate their customers to keep going. In my work with my customers, it's important to me that they understand how exercise can be integrated into their everyday life. What should never be missing during a training session is laughing together and having fun.

Linda Bürki

Linda Bürki

«A personal trainer can be an important motivation, especially for people who don't enjoy exercise.»

Short interview with Steve Husistein

I started out as a primary school teacher and went on to become a sports teacher and then a personal trainer and transformation coach. I had a 20-year career in martial arts and have become a passionate endurance athlete over the past few years. I take part in Xtreme triathlons. I find these experiences valuable in dealing with my customers. As well as exercise, I also focus on nutritional and psychological aspects. I use hypnotherapy, for example.
For anyone who wants individual attention, a lot of flexibility and high quality in their training. If you don't know how to reach your goals or shape your body, if you want help to lose weight or are constantly tired and jaded, if you're looking for motivation or don't know what to believe, then a personal trainer is a good choice for you.
Everyone is different and everyone has their own schedule. That's why working with my customers is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I register the customer's requirements, review their situation and work out an individual programme that includes not only exercise, but also nutritional and psychological aspects. So in the end there's nothing to stop customers reaching their goals.

Heiko Jitterbugs

Steve Husistein

«Working as a personal trainer is like a jigsaw puzzle.»

Short interview with Carla Bereiter

At «richtig bewegen» we focus on medical training. All four of our personal trainers have a background in sports science. We generally train with people who have a handicap of some kind – whether it's obesity, an orthopaedic problem or an illness.
For everyone who wants to invest in their own health. The main focus for one third of our customers is chronic pain. For another third it's lifestyle. And the final third is a mixed bunch consisting of elite athletes, amateur sportsmen and -women, and individuals with exhaustion syndrome. For these people, taking exercise out of doors is extremely important as a stress buffer. However, nutritional and psychological aspects are just as important as exercise for all customers.
Exercise is like an insurance policy that you pay into. In the best-case scenario, payback in the form of good health will follow. In the worst case, at least you will have enjoyed your best possible self, with a significant increase in personal wellbeing in everyday life. The average age of our customers is between 40 and 55. A little external motivation and control helps most people to achieve their health goals safely. With others, their children are already independent at this stage and they have some time for themselves again.

Heiko Jitterbugs

Carla Bereiter

«Exercise is like an insurance policy that you pay into.»

How do I find a qualified personal trainer?

The term «personal trainer» does not enjoy legal protection in Switzerland. Since the profession is not bound by any particular standards, the services provided by trainers can vary significantly. Training provided by poorly qualified personnel can lead to health problems.

The Swiss Personal Trainer Association (SPTV) addresses this problem and has been committed since 2007 to promoting the personal training profession in Switzerland. To this end, the association has launched a seal of quality for personal trainers, which helps those who are looking for a qualified personal trainer to find a true professional without difficulty.

You can find out which personal trainers are recognised by SWICA here.
Because health is everything

Physical fitness, a balanced diet and wellbeing are important elements in a healthy lifestyle. That's why SWICA supports your personal commitment in all areas of health with annual contributions of up to 800 francs under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans.

Incidentally, supplementary insurance always provides valuable additional benefits above and beyond those available under basic insurance. It can be taken out with SWICA at any time, regardless of which insurer currently provides your basic insurance. .

SWICA is there for you

The SWICA team would be happy to assist you online or by phone if you have questions about benefits or require personal advice. Call free of charge on 0800 80 90 80 . We look forward to hearing from you.


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